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State’s third Kentucky Advanced Technical College launched for NKY students in healthcare services

In an effort to meet the heightening demand for healthcare workers across the Commonwealth, the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet (EWDC) announced the launch of the state’s third Kentucky Advanced Technical College High (K-TECH) for students in Northern Kentucky.

Through a collaborative effort with the Online Loans in Kentucky - COMPACOM,   Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Northern Kentucky University and Gateway Community and Technical College, K-TECH will focus on preparing the future workforce for healthcare careers by increasing the number of students participating in STEM courses in high school and post-secondary schools.

How To Stop Shoulder Pain

Our shoulders are used during nearly all activities we participate in on a daily basis. For this reason, when we have shoulder pain, we are severely limited in our ability to take part in said activities.

Furthermore, a shoulder injury can cause nagging pain, even when you barely move your arm at all. While there are ways to rehab your shoulders after an injury, it’s always best to prevent shoulder injuries in the first place, if possible.

Top Tips for Shoulder Pain Prevention

Next, let’s review some of the best tips for avoiding shoulder pain and injuries.

Tip #1: Perform Regular Strengthening Exercise

Perhaps the best tip for bulletproofing your shoulders is to keep them strong. By making the muscles surrounding this joint as stable as possible, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to limit injury. 

Marine Adhesives Market In-depth analysis, Size, and growth Research 2022-2028

Marine Adhesives Market In-depth analysis, Size, and growth Research 2022-2028

Marine adhesives are a type of automatic seal that stops fluids from getting through. It is also called a sealant, which is a mixture of substances that stops fluids from moving between surfaces that are joined or through holes in materials. Marine adhesives are used in construction, bonding glass, building commercial ships, yachts, and decorative applications. They are also used to make expandable boats that can be used by the military or for fun.

What Does a Supervisor of Education and learning Do?

A director of education and learning can operate in a vast array of setups and also may require a range of abilities. The obligations of this position variety from advertising scholastic programs to supervising professors and personnel. The obligations of an education supervisor may likewise include reviewing teaching approaches, establishing brand-new curriculum, as well as developing expert relationships with others. In addition, directors might compose progress reports and also manage the employment of faculty. Excellence in Schools founder

8 Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage


After months of searching, you’ve finally found the perfect house. Congratulations on your exciting milestone! While you’re undoubtedly excited about this opportunity, it’s a good idea to be careful during this time to avoid jeopardizing your application approval.

Some of the top things to avoid after applying for a mortgage include:

1. Don’t Deposit Large Sums of Cash Into Your Bank Account

Lenders need to source your money, and cash is often difficult to trace. Before making any large deposits, it’s wise to ask your loan officer how to properly document that money.

2. Don’t Change Your Bank Account

It’s essential to remember that lenders will always need to source and track your assets. A consistent bank account makes it easier for lenders to identify and track your funds. Talk to your loan officer before transferring any money to a new account.

Lead Water Line Replacement: New York Homeowner Saves Big

Lead Water Line Replacement: New York Homeowner Saves Big


Linda B. of Lockport, New York, has had a difficult time of late, losing her husband in December and struggling to catch up with the medical bills after his passing.

She knew that she needed help around the house as well, including a leak in the roof of the home she and her husband shared. Because she was on a fixed income, she put a bucket under the leak while she tried to scrape the money together for a repair. But, still, she worried.

To alleviate her concerns and ensure she had repairs done by someone experienced and qualified, Linda decided to enroll in several plans with HomeServe North America, a leading provider of emergency home repair plans. In January, she enrolled in plans that would provide her with coverage for her plumbing and electrical systems. 

3 Great Investments to Include in Your Traditional IRA

As you put together your retirement portfolio, you might have some assets spread across a 401(k), a taxable account, and an IRA. The types of accounts you use to invest in each type of asset can have a meaningful impact on your after-tax returns.

If you use a traditional IRA in your retirement planning, you should consider prioritizing the following three types of investments in that account.

REITs, or real estate investment trusts, pay out 90% of their taxable income as dividends to shareholders. Because of their business structure, they don’t have to pay corporate tax on those earnings. Unfortunately, that means shareholders have to pay regular income tax on dividends from REITs instead of the lower qualified dividend tax rate.

Understanding an overlooked past

Understanding an overlooked past

IN 1968, long before he was named a National Artist for Visual Arts, Abdulmari Imao wrote a short story called “Anak Datu,” about a community in the Sulu archipelago that was invaded by pirates. Over 50 years later, his short story has evolved into a play with music that weaves the story with the experience of the Imao family and the beginnings of the conflict in Mindanao.

Tanghalang Pilipino’s Anak Datu, the maiden production at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ new Black Box Theater, has three central narratives that are introduced in the first three scenes.

Drawing lessons from COVID-19, experts are already preparing for another outbreak

Drawing lessons from COVID-19, experts are already preparing for another outbreak



What will the next pandemic look like? Health officials from across the globe gathered in Geneva in late August at a World Health Organization meeting to focus on how lessons learned from COVID-19 might best prepare civilization for the “next one.”

Titled “Scientific Strategies from Recent Outbreaks to Help Us Prepare for Pathogen X,” the conference brought together leaders in research, pharma, government and nonprofits. Among the speakers was Jun Wang, an associate professor in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.

How the War in Ukraine Impacts the Wine You Drink

Think about your favorite wine. Is it Italian Prosecco, French Rosé, or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc? Or is it South African Chenin Blanc, Georgian Saperavi, or Slovenian Furmint?

Whatever your pleasure, I bet it’s harder to find and more expensive. Russia’s war on Ukraine has fueled inflation and thrown supply chains deeper into the chasm gouged by Covid.

It Started with Covid

Covid was the flame that lit the pyre of supply chain disruption from which the global economy still suffers. Now the war is making everything worse.

Like a bad sweater, the supply chain unraveled even further. Labor shortages grew worse, raw materials are harder to access, and demand patterns shifted.

The embargo’s impact on Russian oil sent prices beyond the James Webb Space Telescope. Russia’s actions destabilized the oil markets, and the effect cascaded through the global supply chain.

8 Huge Consumer  Experience Trends In 2022

8 Huge Consumer  Experience Trends In 2022

8 Huge Consumer  Experience Trends In 2022

The Eight Biggest Consumer Trends in 2022 our world is changing rapidly, and so are consumer expectations.

Therefore, if your business wants to continue to add real value to you and solve customers’ problems, you will have to rethink your products and services to take account of the huge shifts that are taking place at the moment.

These shifts turn into eight transformative consumer trends. So let’s look at the consumer trends in 2022.