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Dental Grants for Single Mothers

Dental Grants for Single Mothers

Dental Grants for Single Mothers

– No matter what the reason is, being a single mother is definitely a challenging life. Fortunately, there are ways for you to improve your life, and there are financial aids available across the United States, from both Federal and non-Federal s. However, are there any dental grants for single mothers in the United States?

Medical assistance is crucial for single mothers because living without a partner means you have to take care of the kids alone, and you also have to work to fulfill their needs. Having personal health problems could make these single mommies lose their jobs, and the financial burden you have to endure is even greater.

Dental Grants for Single Mothers

Alternative for Dental Grants for Single Mothers

However, there are currently no dental grants available for single mothers in the United States. But don’t worry; because there are a bunch of other alternatives you can try to cover your dental health care.

Here are some s where you can ask for dental program information for women and children

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program

The WIC supplemental nutrition program aims to provide foods and nutrients for women and children. However, they can be your for cheap health care facilities, including cheap dental clinics for women and children.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

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Commentary: Making the Anglosphere Great Again

by Conrad Black


The greatest significance in last week’s decisive and seminal British election is the victory it contains for the solidarity of the English-speaking peoples and the strength, coherence, and legitimacy of what Europeans frequently refer to as the Anglo-Saxons.

Of course, broadly, the English-speaking advanced democracies have much in common with Western Europe, and to a slightly reduced degree with Eastern Europe and westernized nations in other regions, most conspicuously Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa, the Emirates, and parts of Latin America.

But the substantial detachment of the United Kingdom from an integrated Europe so it may retain the primacy of the political institutions and the legal system it has developed over many centuries, and align itself, implicitly, more closely to its senior Commonwealth associates, Canada and Australia, as well as to its sometime senior partner in the modern world’s greatest crises, the United States, is a geostrategic development of the first importance.

In the evolution of the balance of power between nations and alliances, it ranks with the unification of the German Empire by Bismarck in 1871 upon Prussia’s defeat of France, which immediately made Germany the most powerful country in Europe and produced the close alliance of Great Britain, France, and Russia—countries which had more often been hostile to each other.

Stan Smith / December 16,2019

Fidelity Launching Crypto Services in Europe, Citing ‘Significant Interest’

Fidelity Launching Crypto Services in Europe, Citing ‘Significant Interest’

Fidelity Investments is expanding its crypto services to European clients after seeing increasing potential in this market. The expansion builds upon the company’s U.S. crypto business. “We’ve seen significant interest and engagement by the institutional community, which show no signs of slowing,” the company revealed.

Also read: Regulatory Roundup – Crypto ‘Inevitable’ in India, China Rankings, NY Streamlines Policy

Entering European Crypto Market

Fidelity Investments announced on Tuesday the establishment of its new entity to serve European clients investing in crypto assets. Fidelity Digital Assets Ltd. will offer digital asset custody and trade execution services to investors such as hedge funds, family offices, and market intermediaries. The custody service consists of a cold storage vault and “multi-level physical, operational and cyber controls,” the announcement details, adding that the trade execution service will provide clients access to multiple s of liquidity.

Tom Jessop, head of Corporate Business Development for Fidelity Investments and president of the U.S. digital asset subsidiary, explained that the group is “encouraged by continued corporate and venture investment in market infrastructure companies as well as the entry of traditional exchanges into the digital assets ecosystem,” elaborating:

These and other market indicators, alongside interest expressed from U.K. and European client prospects, indicate a market with increasing potential which gives us the confidence to expand the digital assets business geographically.

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Panic Fest 2020 Announces Feature Films & Special Guests


NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. – (PRESS RELEASE) – Panic makers and creatures of the night – film fans and filmmakers alike – gather for a week-long onslaught of thrills, chills and kills at Kansas City’s annual horror hangout – Panic Fest.

Panic Fest, now in its 8th year, is a renowned horror, thriller, sci-fi movie festival hosted at Screenland Armour in collaboration with Recently named one of the 25 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the world in 2020 by Movie Maker, Panic Fest has made its name on premiering huge hits like “What We Do in the Shadows” and cult favorites like Elijah Woods’ “Maniac” remake. Panic Fest is also a Fangoria Approved fest, giving it a certain level of prestige that genre aficionados will appreciate.

The latest, greatest, and grizzly genre offerings. Up-and-coming auteurs of the arcane and unknown. Audiences will gasp and be amazed and appalled. Panic Fest is the pinnacle of genre festivals featuring over 70+ films and we are proud to bring you our short film showcase and feature film announcements along with some special guest appearances and podcasts!


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Why People Should Have a Summer House in Their Gardens


There are many homeowners who have sheds in their gardens. However, not the same number of people have considered having a wooden summer house too. There are several benefits that come with having a summer house right in your garden. That will be the focus of this piece.

A quick observation will reveal that summer houses are not as plentiful as sheds. But that is a trend that is changing fast and this is because many more are now beginning to see the advantages that come with a summer house. For those who have never considered having a summer house in the garden before now, you will firmly do so by the time you finish this piece.

Sheds are really good. You can store your tools, facilities, and equipment for the garden there. But you cannot use sheds for the purpose of leisure, relaxation or any form of pleasure. That is where the summer house is very different. A summer house is not for work at all. It is simply for your enjoyment. One good thing about summer houses is that they come in different sizes.

So, whatever the size or capacity of your garden, you can be sure of getting a summer house that will just fit in. Such a summer house will then serve as your place of relaxation, pleasure, and leisure. It will be the place for you to visit after a hectic day at work or even during vacations.

As the size is diverse, the design of a summer house can also vary. Of all the summer houses that you can have in your garden, the octagonal type is one of the most enchanting. Just as the name implies, this is a type of summer house that has eight sides. It can also come with one door or two by the side – it all depends on how you want it.

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Jennifer Grey Net Worth in 2019


Jennifer Grey is an American actress best known for her duties in films Dirty Dancing (1987) and also Ferris Bueller’s Day of rest (1986 ). She is also popular for being a winner in Dancing with the Stars in 2010, which is a dancing fact program.

Early Life

Jennifer’s complete name is Jennifer Elise Grey, as well as she was born on March 26, 1960, in New York City, New York. Her ethnicity is Jewish, and also her moms and dads were likewise a part of the show business. Jennifer’s mommy is Jo Wilder, an actress, and also vocalist. Her father is Joel Grey, an Academy prize-winning actor. Jennifer Grey has actually a brother called James Katz.

Jennifer participated in Dalton Institution, where she examined acting and dancing.


Red Dawn as well as The Cotton Club were the first films in which Jennifer acted in 1984. They were the beginning of her acting career. She ended up being a lot more popular after she starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Afterwards, Jennifer got the leading role in the flick Dirty Dance, where she played Frances Houseman, likewise called Infant. Jennifer was nominated for the Golden World Honor due to her performing in Dirty Dancing.

Jennifer Grey also acted in The Shoe Fits (1990 ), Wind (1992 ), and Bounce (2010 ).

In addition to the flicks, Jennifer has appeared in TV programs including Home, The West Side Waltz, Fallen Angels, as well as Red Oaks.

Jennifer Grey Net Worth 2019

Jennifer’s job in acting has actually brought her a ton of money that is approximated at 10 million bucks. Although Jennifer’s total assets is recognized, we still have no info concerning her annual income.

Exclusive Life

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Ethereum by Numbers, Why ETH Prices Will Rebound in 2020

Ethereum by Numbers, Why ETH Prices Will Rebound in 2020

Ethereum by Numbers, Why ETH Prices Will Rebound in 2020

Fundamentally, Ethereum has had a solid year with growth on many fronts. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for price which has now returned to crypto winter levels. All cryptocurrencies, with the possible exception of one or two, are bearish at the moment but Ethereum is likely to bounce back stronger next year.

Ethereum Fundamentals Still Solid

The Ethereum ecosystem continues to expand and 2019 has been a solid year despite price performance. A recent ConsenSys article has broken down ETH by numbers to reveal some impressive figures for the world’s second largest digital asset.

In terms of network Ethereum has seen over 4 million new active addresses and over 20 million total accounts created this year. There are currently over 8,500 live Ethereum nodes and over 4.7 million ETH has been issued as block rewards.

Over 520 new decentralized applications were created on the network which has over 2,700 in total according to the statistics. Gods Unchained has been one of the most popular dApps on Ethereum, it has created over 6.7 million items.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) continues to grow with over 167,000 .eth names registered. Similar to how a regular domain name works, a .eth name replaces the need to use long convoluted wallet addresses on the network and streamlines the entire process. They can be purchased for as little as $5 though some fetch a lot more.

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Your Year End Retirement Planning & Tax Saving Checklist


Happy Holidays!

Steve Chen

Happy holidays – give yourself the gift of tax savings

As we head into the holiday season and New Years it can pay big dividends to spend a little time seeing if any year end moves can help you save a lot on taxes or improve your financial situation. 

This month I asked people in our community and on our team for their top end of year retirement and tax planning tips. Here they are:

Build a plan 

This simple step can help you get organized, see what your levers are and make smart decisions today and in future years. In a few minutes you can build a plan that lets you:

  • See your net worth today and over time.
  • Build a projection of what your retirement income will be and what drives it (such as Social Security, part time work, any pension, Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).
  • Project your expenses based on your current lifestyle, future moves, healthcare and taxes today and into the future.
  • Think through Social Security and Medicare claiming strategies.
  • Explore “What If” scenarios – for example what happens if you retire at 60 vs 65, go part time at 55, move abroad for a few years or do a series of Roth conversions to minimize taxes.
  • Make smart choices around the things you can control (savings, investing, when you retire, where you live) and understanding your options to manage the risks you can’t control (inflation, market returns and longevity). 

If you want to get started on your own plan you can check out this new free retirement planning tool.  

Maximize your company plan contributions

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10 Ways to Inspire the Youth to Invest Money in IT Business


The world we live in offers lots of opportunities for young people. Our parents and grandparents could not even imagine that there would be wireless phones, let alone artificial intelligence and virtual assistants. 

It all has been made possible due to the rapid development of IT that is one of the dominant trends for 2020 as well.

Those people who directed their investments in IT a decade ago are millionaires today. Information and communication technologies are used in every industry you can name, staring from Education and ending with Healthcare. Thus, it is critically important to make youth understand that nowadays, IT business is the best to invest.

Let’s discuss ten best ways that can help inspire youth to invest their funds in IT.



IT is not only about high-tech. This sphere encompasses plenty of small and medium businesses, operating in web design, app development, or content writing. For example, the profits of such an academic writing platform as Essaypro are formed not only through service provision but also through the development of software that helps clients and their businesses in many ways.

Quick Returns

Time is always critically important, especially for those who continuously lack it. Thus, students who want to enjoy high and quick ROI can invest in a myriad of small IT companies that make significant profits. They can also risk investing in R&D and enjoy much higher revenues when it pays off.

Financial Education

Today, young people are more financially educated than any other generation before them. 

Stan Smith / December 14,2019

U.S. Supreme Court to Review Political Ratio Requirements for State Court Judges


by Bethany Blankley


The U.S. Supreme Court accepted a new case for the new year, Carney v. Adams, to determine whether state constitutions can require courts to have a ratio of judges based on their political party affiliation.

The case involves Delaware’s state constitutional requirement that a bare majority of its high court judges be from one political party. James Adams, a retired lawyer and former Democrat, argues the requirement violates the First Amendment.

By law, Delaware’s Supreme Court must have three judges affiliated with one of the two major political parties, and two from the other.

“Such a system assumes, without foundation, that Republicans and Democrats are monolithic in their judicial views and that their political views will control their decision-making,” Adams argued in his Supreme Court brief. “Worse, it reinforces the fears of the public that judges will decide cases based on political affiliation.”

The first page of the brief quotes Justice Neil Gorsuch, who said at his Supreme Court nomination hearing, “I am heartened by the support I have received from people who recognize that there is no such thing as a Republican judge or a Democratic judge. We just have judges in this country.”

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit struck down the Delaware law, which Democratic Delaware Gov. John Carney is asking the Supreme Court to reverse.

In his petition, Carney argues the law’s 3-2 political affiliation mandate has contributed to the state’s reputation of having “objective, stable, and nonpartisan” courts.

“These qualities have not come about by accident,” his brief states. “For more than 120 years, Delaware’s Constitution has required a politically balanced judiciary.”