Stan Smith / May 09,2020

Happy Mother’s Day – No hugging allowed


Happy Mother’s Day – No hugging allowed

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms today. It’s the best job on earth. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s celebrations are different than those of previous years.

Communities across America are offering guidance to families, given social distancing restrictions in place. As Mother’s Day approached, city officials In Pasadena, California released a news release that addressed a cluster of coronavirus cases that has been traced to a family birthday party. One party-goer was coughing and not wearing a face mask. Other party guests were not wearing face masks or practicing social distancing. So, COVID-19 spread among some of the guests, and contact tracing shows that there were five confirmed coronavirus cases and many other guests who became ill from the party. The party happened after the city issued a stay-at-home order in March.

“This is an example of how good contact tracing can identify disease clusters and tell us more about the spread of disease in our community,” said Dr. Matthew Feaster, PPHD epidemiologist. “We’re grateful to our large team of public health nurses, case investigators, and contact tracers who help track the virus and prevent the disease from spreading to other members of our community.”

Stan Smith / May 09,2020

6 Things to Consider Before Taking a Long Train Trip

6 Things to Consider Before Taking a Long Train Trip

Traveling by train is a vacation on its own; a romantic getaway of some sort. You get to watch as the world outside passes by and explore horizons as you make new friends and enjoy leisure foods and snacks. With the right preparation, vacationing by train can be pretty sweet and epic. A train from New York to Portland, for example, gives you multiple nights in the wild, which can be exhilarating and educative especially if you have the right attitude.

Note that you will need to make a flight itinerary and hotel reservation if you are crossing borders as those documents are mandatory for visa application processes. What else do you need to know about vacation by train?

1. You will need a pillow and a blanket

Although seats on most trains in the developed world are reasonably comfortable, you cannot bank on them for a good night’s sleep. Most trains do not offer sleeper packs to passengers as airlines do, so you will need to carry your own small travel pillow and a fleece blanket. You can’t be sure how cold it will get at night.

Stan Smith / May 08,2020

The Best Folk Rock Songs


Depending from your age possibly remember this song at the time it was originally released in 1978 or you’ve heard it in numerous movies over the last 10-15 many years. Either way this classic tune by Kansas is a to play song for most people beginners. uk top 50 songs All you require to know your basic open chords.

Once the your song list down and you’re comfortable with it, practice on the show on its own is. Do not focus on merely reproducing the songs on stage, but also practice to do the songs. Putting on a stage show helps people don’t forget you. Standing like a statue on stage isn’t entertaining, and you may soon be forgotten. At the same time do not let your musical quality suffer for showmanship. Practice your show and once you’re comfortable with it, practice it suggestions.

These days, a 3-megapixel camera is not notable in. For cost you the LG GT540 Optimus dictates, the low camera version is aggravating. It has auto-focus, but no flash. Photos are likely to be at entry-level quality as well, nothing much to rave about. It recording / camcorder feature manages anywhere up to 17fps. Level of quality is of your same ‘good enough’ grouping.

Raju immediately accepted this hypothesis. Subsequently, in all internal and external communication, I would create statements on his behalf designed to let passengers match fresh brand top 50 songs in the us right now placement of. For any media interviews even though speak holistically and If you loved this article and also you would like to collect more info about top 20 Rap songs March 2020 nicely visit the web-page. 1 the other senior managers would purchase it to the detailing.

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15 Features of House cleaner You Have To Adventure It Yourself


You will definitely locate the needs are not that considerably various coming from what you would discover in a frequent job if you are actually on the search for a suited house cleaner. Therefore, instead of being hesitant to make an appointment to comply with a would-be one, there are plenty of advantages to working with an expert one. Besides the truth that you will definitely acquire an additional palm to aid you out, you may additionally expect to become properly dealt with.

House cleaners щракнете тук тук сега possess all the needs for added assistance that they require, just like normal workers. They need to have a really good memory, ample communication skills, and a little know-how of computers.

Locating the correct maid is incredibly easy. Merely be sure that you pick an individual with the ideal credentials, considering that housework is an area that requires a ton of devotion and focus.

You can work with a freelance house cleaner via various online web sites that provide services for housekeeping services. These business give a large range of housekeeping services to any type of home that requires it. You can easily additionally seek suggestions from close friends, associates, or people who have actually worked with a qualified previously.

A nearby вижте уебсайта housekeeper may cost a whole lot lower than the rates demanded through a company. You will certainly manage to tap the services of someone who will definitely relate to your house or organisation, and also will certainly lessen the volume of work that you must carry out.

Stan Smith / May 01,2020

10 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy Without Thinking


10 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy Without Thinking

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Your environment has an incredible ability to shape your .

I have written previously about choice architecture and environment design, both of which are focused on the idea that, “By making small changes to the physical environment around you, it can become much easier to stick to good .”

And while the research studies I have shared in those articles are interesting, I thought it might be useful to list some practical ways to apply environment design to your world and make it easier to live a healthy, happy, and adventurous life.

With that in mind, here are 10 simple strategies for designing your environment to eat healthy without thinking and spend more of your time and energy on doing something awesome.

Keep in mind, these ideas are just a start. You can apply these concepts for designing your environment and creating better “choice architecture” to almost any habit or behavior.

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How to Eat Healthy Without Noticing:

Before we begin, let’s give credit to the researcher behind many of these ideas. Brian Wansink is a professor at and he has completed a variety of studies on how your environment shapes your eating decisions. Many of the ideas below come from his popular book, Mindless Eating.

Stan Smith / May 01,2020

Emotion detection is a hot ask in marketing, but the tech just isn’t ready yet


Emotion detection is a hot ask in marketing, but the tech just isn’t ready yet

As the chief scientist of an AI and natural language processing company, I don’t just work with engineers and data scientists. I also talk with the heads of marketing departments daily. One of the questions I’ve been hearing a lot lately is, “How can we use AI to better understand consumers’ emotional states?”

This field of AI, generally referred to as emotion detection or recognition technology, or emotion analysis, is being put to use in this age of coronavirus. Just this month, researchers from the University College London published a paper purporting to accurately approximate emotional states of research participants using automated analysis of text responses to questions regarding the pandemic. Without getting into the specifics of that study, it underscores the continued growth of the technology and the new ways it is being applied.

It’s understandable that marketers would want to use emotion detection in their work. Marketing is about more than just touting speeds and feeds, features, and benefits. Marketing involves eliciting an emotional response from consumers in the hopes that the product, service, or brand will resonate deeply. If a marketer can get an accurate read on someone’s emotional response, they can tweak their campaigns and achieve better results in customer acquisition or retention.

Stan Smith / May 01,2020

Five Ways To Tell You are actually Suffering From An Obession With Free Just Likes


Exactly how to free tiktok followers no human verification or survey get even more free of cost likes on Facebook? Social media sites such as Facebook are really useful devices for the advertising of your business. It is actually a remarkable system to discuss your knowledge in your industry along with individuals all over the world and also it can additionally aid you attract considerable amounts of devoted consumers.

If you use the right tactics, you are going to certainly acquire lots of likes coming from Facebook. Facebook is actually a must possess social networking site for all entrepreneur. It can provide you a ton of benefits and additionally create your service establish.

On the contrary, tiktok likes it could be a very easy technique to reach out to a great deal of folks. Exactly how to obtain additional complimentary sort on Facebook? It is actually as basic as that. Just discover an appropriate strategy that will assist you get even more folks to like your business as well as what’s additional, make it catch for a very long time.

Considering that the major purpose of social media websites is actually to obtain folks to like or perhaps bookmark your website or webpage, social marketing is merely the appropriate re to carry out thus. The following inquiry will be how to get more free likes on Facebook?

Stan Smith / April 29,2020

Tree Lives Its Life, Humans Lose Their Minds – OpEd


A lone Norfolk pine, standing ramrod still, greets me every morning at home. Like a lone enemy sentinel, it defies the Benguet pine forest surrounding it daring “I may be alone, but more than enough for all of you”.

Of course the Benguet pine trees scoff at him, paying him no mind ignoring the alien. But just the same, the Monterey, every morning, holds the morning against the sky’s silhouette.

But the challenge is thrown to humanity. Not against its conifer cousins.

It watches the sky above shift from pink to white to grey to blue, from dry to wet to blown to still.

Each evening its skeletal shape fades into dark as dusk is pulled over the land – except with a strong moon, like last night, when every branch and nest became an etching on the deep blue infinity of the cold night sky.

This tree has become something of a companion, a constancy. Every day.

Without realizing it I have accepted it as part of my environment when I limp to my garden each day, almost in the same way as I accept – and expect to see – the window, the mirror, the floor, the door, the bouganvilla outside the terrace and my Benguet pine forest.

Despite its young age and beauty, and its effortless embrace of rook colony and resting Martinez (myna), it has a singularity and isolation that stir in me a sense of melancholy.

When I look at this tree I also see the lemon trees below it. I wish there were other norfolk trees next to it. I don’t want it to be lonely, as I sometimes am. I want it a part of a wider woodland. Its solitary life is much like mine, its bareness emphasizing its separation from others of the same seed stock.

Stan Smith / April 25,2020

How to Handle a Furlough: Develop a Plan


Sometimes, just as people are making progress to improve their finances one small step at a time, something happens to set them back. For some people in today’s difficult economic climate, that setback is a furlough. 

Furloughs (also known as “temporary layoffs”) have been in the news a lot lately and are being used by both public and private sector employers. 

In some cases, furloughs are voluntary and employers ask for volunteers to take unpaid leave in exchange for more time off. In most cases, however, furloughs are mandatory and every worker is told to work less, and therefore, earn less. 

If you are facing a furlough, you need a plan for both the income loss and how you’ll use the unpaid time. Consider the following suggestions:

1. Start Calculating

Start by figuring out what you earn in a day. 

For example, if you earn a $40,000 gross income (i.e., your salary before taxes), divide this number by 260 (the average number of workdays in a year). 

The result ($154) is your gross daily pay. Then multiply this number by your federal marginal tax rate for your tax filing status and subtract it from the gross daily pay to determine your daily after-tax (net) pay.  

For example, subtract the product of $154 and 22 percent ($34) from $154 to get $120. This is a rough estimate of income lost for each furlough day. If you’re furloughed for 20 unpaid days, you will lose approximately $2,400. 

It will actually be somewhat less than that once FICA, state income tax, unemployment, and/or disability taxes on lost income are also subtracted.

Stan Smith / April 22,2020

The Hawaii Tourism Authority is now paying for visitors to leave


Hawaii’s state agency that is dedicated to welcoming visitors to the state is temporarily helping those visitors leave.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority has set aside $25,000 for the costs of sending tourists away if they refuse to abide by the state’s 14-day quarantine.

The state said in a press release that outbound travel arrangements are being handled by the Visitor Aloha Society, a non-profit group that normally helps tourists in Hawaii deal with problems during their visit, such as theft or a medical emergency.

“The ability to return people quickly to their airports of origin during the coronavirus crisis greatly assists law enforcement’s ability to ensure the success of our statewide emergency measures,” Hawai’i State Attorney General Clare Connors said in a statement. “The fact scarce government funds do not need to be expended for these return trips also helps fulfill the mission of keeping Hawaii safe.”

Nineteen people have been flown back to their airports of origin since the beginning of the emergency.

In some cases, the violators have been prosecuted for misdemeanors and forced to pay a fine. The Visitor Aloha Society arranges for the travel back home, and pays for the ticket if the visitor can’t afford it.

Hawaii has reported at least 596 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 12 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige established a mandatory two-week self-quarantine for any out-of-state visitors and inter-island travelers on April 1.

Since then, officials have encouraged tourists not to travel to the state.