How UX Complements SEO to Improve Conversion Strategy

By Sam OsborneHow UX Complements SEO to Improve Conversion Strategy

In this article, we look at the significant impact user experience (UX) can have on SEO and your conversion rates.

Cybersecurity expert Alex Stamos on what scares him most about the upcoming U.S. presidential election

Alex Stamos rose to fame as the former chief security officer for Yahoo and then Facebook. But today he’s the director of Stanford’s Internet Observatory, where he’s immersed in teaching and research safe tech — and understands better than most the threats that the U.S. is facing, particularly as we sail toward the next U.S. presidential election.

Diabolical Words of Wisdom from Disney Villains – Infographic

As a Disney fan, you already love the nuanced personalities of their characters – not only are they lovable, they showcase the many faces of goodness. And it’s the same with Disney’s villains – they mirror the different shades of evil in the world – remember Queen Narissa’s words in Enchanted: Do you think poisoned apples grow only on trees?

Whether its Ursula in The Little Mermaid or Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, they effectively show the diabolical side that exists within each of us. Here’s a selection of some of the meanest quotes to come out of baddie mouths!

Sister Wives: What Can You Expect on Season 14?

It took a long while, but we can finally confirm what we presumed all along…

… but which TLC only just made official:

Sister Wives is coming back for Season 14!

We haven't seen Kody Brown and his better halves for awhile, but this will change when the calendar flips to 2020.

When will new episodes premiere? And what sort of storylines will be featured next year?

Consider yourselves SPOILER WARNED and scroll down to find out:

11 Ways to Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter

11 Ways to Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter

Voice of Witness at the Howard Zinn Book Fair

Voice of Witness at the Howard Zinn Book Fair

Entrepreneurs, Not Government, are Lowering the Cost of Space Travel

A connected world has ushered an age teeming with economic and social activity, as well as incredible scientific progress. Thus, many assume that humanity is invincible and that the solar system is our inevitable conquest.

Here’s a reality check: Humans are never more than one generation away from extinction: Posterity won’t exist if an asteroid crashes our blue planet and if we don’t have an alternative planetary habitat.

Come on Down to the Site Update Thread!

The developers are terrific.  They worked 12 hours yesterday getting the site rolled out.

Some issues are already fixed, and others are being worked on as we speak.


  1. Media Library problems for front-pagers
  2. On the Road couldn’t find images because of the Medial Library issue.
  3. Email addresses not being saved.
  4. URL not being saved.


  1. Reply box sometimes not showing @commenter


Christmas at the Cathedral 2019

Brookings will host the 2019 South Dakota High School Football Championships. The games are set after a fun semifinal night. Here is the full schedule.

OP needs your help: Suggest performing artists for 2020 concert series

We want to know who you want to see perform during the City’s outdoor summer performances in 2020 and beyond.

Use the form below to share your ideas for potential performers at City events.


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