Secured Loans Against Property


  • Raise funds easily
  • Monthly payments; equipment
  • Benefits. preserve capital
  • 10% soft costs
  • 30 commercial real
  • With Loan Against Property (LAP) from HSBC you can raise funds easily against your residential property. Loan requirement – Loans up to 100,000,000 1 Loan tenure – Tenor of upto 15 years

    Fha Conventional Loan Comparison


  • Compare interest rates
  • Major loan types
  • Home mortgage loans
  • Fha loan caps
  • Major differences exist
  • Pay closing costs
  • Metal credit cards you can custom design

    For many, a metal credit card represents prestige. While these cards may seem elite or out of your price range, it’s actually possible for anyone to get one. You can even customize your metal credit card completely — you can use your own photograph, your company logo, your family coat of arms or you can use it as a fashion accessory to go with your new BMW or with your style.

    However, unless you’re using your card provider’s design tools, these services aren’t free and you’re giving up your card to third-parties.

    Which metal credit cards can I custom design?

    Clothing marketplace Poshmark confirms data breach

    Poshmark, an online marketplace for buying and selling clothes, has reported a data breach.

    The company said in a brief blog post that user profile information, including names and usernames, gender and city data was taken by an “unauthorized third party.” Email addresses, size preferences, and scrambled passwords were also taken.

    Poshmark did not say which hashing algorithm, used to scramble the passwords, was used. Some algorithms are stronger than others.

    POLL – What’s Your Best Source for Motivation?

    We all need a little motivation every once in a while.

    Sure, you’ve got the drive to succeed. Otherwise you never would have founded a business in the first place. But some days, it’s hard to literally find that motivation.

    Even though many times a simple of motivation is well within reach.

    So, that’s why this week, we’re asking our readers:

    What’s Your Best Source of Motivation?

    Take our poll below and let us know …

    Current Fha Mip


    How to Fit Smart Home Technology into Your Business

    From 2015 to 2017, the number of connected homes in the U.S. grew from 17 million to 29 million, according to data from McKinsey. That growth is expected to keep rising, with experts predicting that the smart home market could surpass $158 billion by 2022. However, it isn’t just homeowners who are benefiting from home automation systems, now you can know how to fit smart home technology into your business. 

    Microsoft to retire Skype for Business Online in 2021; Teams taking over as default Office 365 meeting tool

    (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

    Microsoft will retire Skype for Business Online in July 2021 and replace it with Microsoft Teams as the go-to product for meetings and collaboration.

    Microsoft has said before it planned to eventually replace Skype for Business as the company’s primary tool for all calls, video conferences and meetings for customers using Office 365 in the cloud with Teams. But this is the first time the company has put a date on the move.

    The VIBE inside Storm Crow Manor, a Nerd Safehaven on Church St

    Let out your inner Nerd at this new Nerd Bar on Church St

    Secret passageways and themed floors? Check. Catacombs with bubbling cocktails? Check. Known as Toronto’s geekiest bar, this place pays homage to a variety of fantasy and fiction series. 

    VIBE Rating:

    The Eats

    Citibank Branded ATM 7225 Old Keene Mill Rd Springfield, VA 22150


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