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After years of studying financial statement analysis, pouring over financial models, and speaking with management teams about corporate strategy, I have finally stumbled upon the most effective business model in the world. What’s more, the model is dead simple – literally anyone can replicate it. It contains only two steps:

1.      Take something that belongs to someone else.

2.      Sell the requisitioned object or something made from it on the open market.

Commonwealth enables governments to collaborate on practical action to tackle devastating impact of climate change on people’s lives

It has been almost two years since I sat in a security plane flying over the once familiar, but then almost unrecognisable, terrain of Dominica – the country of my birth.  

Texan Had Missile Launcher In Checked Bag

Coats is resigning after a turbulent two years in which he and President Donald Trump were often at odds over Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Court Backs Little Debbie In Tax Dispute

McKee Foods’ Little Debbie

Don’t underestimate Little Debbie – the spunky tyke took on the Augusta County tax collectors and won.  But the county still has her money.

Dai Baker

Automating your business processes will save your staff countless hours and improve your client experience.

lacime designs nanjing galaxy kindergarten in china as a miniature world for children

the building includes a tree house and an outdoor park to allow the children’s imagination to thrive.

Mysterious Black Creature With Glowing Eyes Spotted In Pakistan

Imagine going to work and seeing a terrifying-looking creature with glowing eyes. Well, that’s exactly what happened to at least two workers in Shershah, Pakistan. The Shershah flea market is a well-known location for scrapped goods in South Asia, but with the recent sightings of a mysterious creature, some vendors’ businesses are suffering because of it. In fact, many of the traders who are working at the flea market are quite fearful of the mysterious “out of this world” creature and have began closing up their shops at earlier times.

Movie theaters host “clown-only” screenings of IT: Chapter Two

Those with coulrophobia are advised to avoid Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas during their upcoming “clown-only” screenings of IT: Chapter Two. Back in 2017, they had clown-only screenings of IT at two theaters so based on that fun, they’ve expanded the extravaganza to 17 locations across the country.

According to Alamo Drafthouse, guests are “encouraged to come dressed as a clown – the wig, the makeup, the oversized pants and suspenders, the blood-curdling makeup — and sit through this coulrophobia-inducing fright fest with a theater full of fellow clowns.”

Instagram Impressions, Explained in 100 Words or Less

If you’re using Instagram as part of your social media strategy, you’ve definitely come across the concept of impressions. But what exactly are impressions? How accurately do they indicate success? And how do they differ from reach, another very similar Instagram metric?

First things first: to understand what Instagram impressions are, you need to know how they relate to Instagram’s reach metric.

Here’s an easy way to distinguish impressions from reach.

Mueller report cost, animal shelters, Katy Perry copyright infringement: News in Numbers



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