US Holds Off On Huawei Licenses As China Halts Crop-Buying

As it emerges non-internet-connected election systems are actually connected to the internet
Black Hat  While various high-tech solutions to secure electronic voting systems are being touted this week to election officials across the United States, according to infosec guru Bruce Schneier there is only one tried-and-tested approach that should be considered: pen and paper.…

Naim’s 2nd-gen Mu-so Qb wi-fi speaker is an audiophile’s desire

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Danish banks will pay you to borrow money from them

10-year mortgage interest rates in Denmark have hit -0.5% -- that is, the bank will pay to you borrow money. 20 year loans? Zero interest. 30 year loans now at 0.5% are headed negative. Translation: some people with a LOT of money think that we're heading for a depression so ferocious that they'll loan you money for 30 years at only 0.5%, just to lock in some kind of return during the decades-long bloodbath they foretell. (Image: Jimmy Baikovicius, CC BY-SA,modified) (Thanks, Kathy Padilla!)


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The BEST Crypto Token Fueling Bitpanda Global Expansion

Paul from Bitpanda – joins me to discuss taking Bitpanda global, IEOs, security, and the BEST token Disclosure: This is an sponsored interview for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, recording and posting for educational purposes. Furthermore, I currently have not invested in this project, but may consider doing so in the future. Free Cryptocurrency Course –
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How Safecrackers Can Unlock an ATM in Minutes—Without Leaving a Trace

Safecrackers of the past put a stethoscope to a safe’s panel while turning its dial, listening for the telltale murmurs of the interlocking components inside. It turns out that modern safecracking, despite all its electronic upgrades, isn’t always so different. But now those involuntary murmurs are electric, and the combination they betray takes the form of ones and zeros in transit between a lock’s silicon chips.

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Texas First Time Home Buyer Grants


Trader Joe’s employees share annoying things that happen in stores

From overloading on free samples to abandoned carts and customers asking staff if they worked there while they were clearly dressed in uniform: Trader Joe’s employees reveal what really drives them mad about shoppers

Everything You Need To Know About Hormone Growth Therapy For Women

Since the last few years, the fitness industry of women has gone through a massive and significant boost in terms of women being trained like bodybuilders and lifting weights. In fact, there is a ‘women that lift’ movement that is rapidly gaining pace within few years. Something that is interesting is that this movement shows no signs of dying. This makes more and more women to be confident in their bikinis. 


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