Lien vs. Encumbrance: What’s the Difference?

Lien vs. Encumbrance: An Overview

A lien represents a monetary claim levied against property to secure payment—the settlement of an obligation from the property owner. An encumbrance is a much broader term, referring to any sort of claim against a property. Any lien is an encumbrance, but not all encumbrances are liens.

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Facebook Finally Ready To Launch WhatsApp In India

Facebook is reportedly close to launching its WhatsApp payments service in India.

The service has been in beta mode in India since early 2018 for a million users, but the nationwide debut has been delayed due mainly to government regulations.  Sources told Bloomberg that Facebook recently completed an audit that required it to show that all data involved in payments will be stored on servers only in India. The report will soon be submitted for approval to India’s banking regulator, the Reserve Bank of India.

Boost Infrastructure Immunity Against the Ransomware Epidemic

Despite the recent incidents at the City of Baltimore, aluminum giant Norsk Hydro, and ASCO Industries, ransomware attacks have declined in both 2018 and 2019.

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Cornel West says AOC, progressive 'squad,' views world 'through the lens of the poor' and working class

Harvard University philosophy Professor Cornel West said he supports the four freshman lawmakers that compose the so-called progressive “squad” for reasons other than ideology.

West said Tuesday on “The Ingraham Angle” he doesn’t agree with everything they say, but feels a moral and political connection.

“I stand in very deep moral and political solidarity with my four sisters — not because I agree with every word — but because they’re looking at the world through the lens of the poor,” he said.

Germany’s Finance Chief Joins Slew of Financial Leaders Scoffing at Libra

Click here to view original web page at www.ccn.comGermany joins the global chorus and takes on Libra, saying the currency "does not belong" in the hands of companies like Facebook. | Source: Shutterstock

Germany joined the chorus of countries offering stiff resistance to Libra, Facebook’s new digital coin. German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, expressed concerns about the coin’s consumer privacy issues and potential for disruption.

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  • What Was It All For: Veterans Have Finally Turned On America’s Endless Wars

    Authored by Danny Sjursen via,

    It is undoubtedly my favorite part of every wedding. That awkward, but strangely forthright moment when the preacher asks the crowd for any objections to the couple’s marriage. No one ever objects, of course, but it’s still a raw, if tense, moment. I just love it.

    How to Defeat the Monday Blues?

    Weeks come and go, that is a normal
    procedure. However, one thing that is most annoying and keeps coming is that gloomy
    MONDAY FEEL. Oh Hell! Why God created a Monday, why not only Saturday and
    Sunday. Weekends are great, full of energy and life. BUT, what to do, If Sunday
    is there, the next day (you surely do not want to spell it) is destined to

    Buffalo FD Throws Surprise Birthday Party For Local Boy

    We had a wild visit in the studio today with Zane, an African serval, and you can visit with him and more animals at Hawk Creek's Wild Renn Fest this weekend.

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