Horror VR classic Dreadhalls is coming to Oculus Quest in time for Halloween

VR horror game Dreadhalls hits Oculus Quest on October 3 for $9.99. Full cross-buy support is available for those who bought it on Oculus Rift.Read More]]>

Pungent customers banned from Mississippi store – WREG NewsChannel 3

GREENWOOD, Tear away out. (AP) — You stink, pause out!
That’s the message from one Mississippi Delta convenience store to workers at a neighboring soybean oil mill.
The Greenwood Commonwealth experiences the ease store has a signal on its door pointing out “Observe: Imperfect Smelling Oil Mill Of us Please Fabricate No longer Enter.”

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Wow! Russian Orthodox Priests Throw 15 Gallons of ‘Holy Water’ from a Plane to Cleanse the City of Tver of ‘Fornication and Drunkenness’

Metropolitan Sawa of Tver, pictured by the plane door, makes the sign of the cross before chucking a chalice full of holy water out of the aircraft as it flies over the city of Tver in Russia
Russian Orthodox priests have blessed a city they say is suffering from diseases of ‘drunkenness and fornication’ by throwing holy water out of a plane.

Why Is It Important to Have an Emergency Fund?

Growing up, you might have heard your parents tell you multiple times how important establishing an emergency fund is.
However, you may have largely ignored this advice. Now, as an adult yourself, you begin realizing how imperative placing emphasis on financial matters is; recognizing why you need an emergency fund and how to build one is a start.
6 Reasons Why You Should’ve An Emergency Fund

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Hong Kong protesters sing ‘God Save the Queen’ in plea to former colonial power

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters singing “God Save the Queen” and waving Union Jack flags rallied outside the British Consulate on Sunday demanding that the former colonial power ensures China honours its commitments to the city’s freedoms.

An anti-government protester holds up a Union Jack flag and a placard with a likeness of Queen Elizabeth at the British consulate General in Hong Kong, China, September 15, 2019. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha

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Auto racing: Chris Thorne inches closer to another Wiscasset Speedway championship

WISCASSET — Chris Thorne wasn’t interested in consolation prizes Saturday night.
Logan Melcher of Jay won his fourth Late Model race of the season at Wiscasset Speedway, first pulling away from Thorne on a restart with 11 laps remaining and then holding off a charging Tiger Colby of Wiscasset to take the 50-lap feature win. Colby ended up second with Thorne third.
Melcher’s four wins are the most by any driver in the division this season.

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