Innovation? It Needs to Be Woven Into Every Aspect of Your Company’s Culture

Source | | Alex Goryachev

Last year, 2018, was an exciting one for innovation — but not because of all the futuristic technologies, gadgets and devices that hit the mainstream. In fact, while voice AI, self-driving cars and cryptocurrencies made headlines, something even bigger happened: Companies of all sizes finally began realizing that competing in today’s digital economy requires more than just a blueprint for the next gadget.

'Survivor' contestants admit #MeToo allegations exaggerated to win The Game

(DAILY WIRE) Controversy erupted on Wednesday when two contestants on “Survivor: Island of the Idols” admitted that they exaggerated a #MeToo allegation of “inappropriate touching” to win the game.

According to People, when contestant Kellee Kim began to complain about a pattern of inappropriate touching from fellow contestant Dan Spilo in Wednesday night’s episode, her allegations were quickly corroborated by contestants Missy Byrd and Elizabeth Beisel, who both alleged they had similar experiences.

Key Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Should Consider Writing A Book

Key Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Should Consider Writing A Book

Pelosi: Impeachment Testimony Was Evidence of Trump’s “Bribery”

In spite of all the incriminating evidence presented at the first day of impeachment hearings on Wednesday—the testimony of two seasoned diplomats about President Donald Trump’s efforts to pressure a foreign government to interfere in the 2020 election, the bombshell revelation of a phone conversation implicating Trump—some of the media were unimpressed.

With GatherUp Acquisition, ASG Expands Into Reviews Space

Six years have passed since GetFiveStars first launched as a solution that would make it easier for businesses to request customer feedback and reviews online. In the years since its debut, GetFiveStars has substantially expanded its offerings. It rebranded as GatherUp in 2018 in an effort to better convey its increasingly holistic approach to customer engagement. Today, the company is marking its next major milestone, announcing its acquisition by the software business ASG.



Celebrate the Holidays at George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Celebrate the Holidays at George Washington’s Mount Vernon

NJ may act soon to reduce jail terms for drug, property crimes

Major changes could be coming to criminal sentencing in New Jersey, under recommendations by a state commission that are endorsed by top state officials.

A step by step guide to extracting coordinates from Google Maps


ave you ever thought you can make money by knowing how many restaurants there are in a square mile? There is no free lunch, however, if you know how to use Google Maps, you can extract and collect the restaurant’s GPS and store them in your own database. With that information on hand and some math calculations, you are off to creating a big data online service.

In this article, I will show you how to quickly extract Google Maps coordinates with a simple and easy method. Let’s dive right into it.

Street staff to shovel snow downtown

Downtown Noblesville businesses don’t have to worry about shoveling snow from the sidewalks outside of their storefronts this year. Due to a new city budget item, there are two new street department employees solely focused on the downtown.


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