Stan Smith / November 30,2019

Thousands Evacuated as Typhoon Kammuri Nears the Philippines


More than 43,000 people have been evacuated and schools in six provinces have suspended classes as the eastern islands of the Philippines braced for Typhoon Kammuri to make landfall late Monday or early Tuesday.

The storm, packing wind gusts as high as 115 miles per hour, was barreling toward the Philippines on Monday with its eye 220 miles east of the city of Virac on the island province of Catanduanes, the national weather agency said.

The typhoon is poised to strike the Philippines just after President Rodrigo Duterte, joined by the politician and boxing star Manny Pacquiao, presided over the opening of the Southeast Asian Games, a biannual sports event that draws top athletes from 11 Southeast Asian nations.

The Games are scheduled to run through Dec. 11, and organizers have said that the typhoon may cause the cancellation of outdoor events on the island of Luzon in the country’s north. This year’s Games have been touted as the biggest yet, with more than 8,000 athletes competing and hundreds of millions of television viewers expected to tune in from around the region.

Heavy rains were expected in Manila and populous cities nearby, and disaster agencies have stockpiled food and medicine. The authorities have yet to issue mandatory evacuation orders, saying that all evacuations so far were pre-emptive. Residents were asked to check local weather advisories and government social media accounts as the typhoon continued to move toward landfall.

Stan Smith / November 29,2019

Bays, Schaab identify with ‘Elf’ roles at Civic

Bays, Schaab identify with ‘Elf’ roles at Civic

For Matt Bays, his role could be considered a slight bit of typecasting.

On a personal note, Bays relates to his character Buddy in “Elf The Musical.”

“He’s a happy-go-lucky person and so am I,” Bays said

Bays plays Buddy in Civic Theatre’s production of “Elf The Musical,” which runs from Dec. 6 to Dec. 28 at The Tarkington at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel.

Bays, Schaab identify with ‘Elf’ roles at Civic

From left, Nate Schlabach, Ben Boyce, Matt Bays and Emily Schaab appear in “Elf The Musical.” (Photo by Mark Ambrogi)

The story centers on a young orphan, who accidentally climbs into Santa’s bag of gifts and is transported to the North Pole, where he is raised as an elf by Santa’s elves.

“I thought maybe I was too old for the part, but it worked out,” said Bays, a 49-year-old Westfield resident.

Bays said he was familiar with the 2003 movie starring Will Ferrell as Buddy but had never seen the 2010 Broadway musical, which was inspired by the movie.

“It’s one of our staples I watch every year with my two daughters,” Bays said of the movie. “Buddy is spontaneous. He’s loving and he’s little naive, a trusting individual.”

The show is Bays’ second with Civic. He was in “Anything Goes” in 2018.

Stan Smith / November 29,2019

The Master Chef Ms. Mai Launches Bo Kho Co Mai As Her Very Own Variant Of Vietnamese Dish

The Master Chef Ms. Mai Launches Bo Kho Co Mai As Her Very Own Variant Of Vietnamese Dish

Ms. Mai launches her variant of stewed Vietnamese dishes, Bo Kho Co Mai, along with several talked about dishes from the heirloom recipe.

The Master Chef Ms. Mai Launches Bo Kho Co Mai As Her Very Own Variant Of Vietnamese Dish

Hochiminh, Vietnam – December 1, 2019 / / —

Ms. Mai of Bo Kho Co Mai is a renowned slow cooker of Vietnamese food known for her special beef stew. She is reining the throne of the best stew maker for almost three decades and is known for the magic she bestows in each of her creations. She is known for her unique touch of flavors for braised beef being favored with underground sponsors from each time. Ms. Mai is also known for her consistency with which she has conquered the very prestigious rewards for a bowl of beef stock.

She is also known for her bursting the myths away, such as the very popular one that implies that beef stocks are not the best choices for hot summer days. She has time and again referred to the amazingly traditional beef stock that is prepared in Saigon. The talented chef went by the name of To Thi Mai and is from Saigon land. Her specialty comprises dishes like rice vermicelli, broken rice, and so on. Her association with braised beef is something that is known to the world. This dish dates back to the French Colonial Era and has an heirloom recipe by the Saigon people.

Stan Smith / November 28,2019

6 Conditions and Causes of Blood Clots During Menstruation


6 Conditions and Causes of Blood Clots During Menstruation – During menstruation, you might find a blood clots in the pads you use. Relax, not only you who experience this. Come on, find out more about blood clots during menstruation.

Clotting blood that comes out during menstruation is a common thing experienced by women, and need not worry too much. However, you still need to be vigilant, because in certain conditions, this may be a sign or symptom of a serious condition.

Causes of Blood Clots During Menstruation

During the menstrual cycle, the lining of the uterus thickens to prepare for pregnancy. However, if pregnancy does not occur there will be a hormone that signals the lining of the uterus to decay into menstruation.

Blood clots during menstruation are generally caused by the release of anticoagulant compounds in charge of thinning blood, do not have enough time to carry out their functions. Especially when menstruation is quite a lot.

This blood clot often occurs when menstruation is large, usually at the beginning of the menstrual period. However, menstrual blood clots can last longer in women who usually experience longer periods.

The shape of blood clots during menstruation generally resembles a gel, with red to dark red brown. Blood clots are considered normal if the clots are small and only occur occasionally.

An abnormal condition of blood that clots during menstruation, which is when blood clots appear larger and often appear, or do not go away. Especially if you have to change pads every two hours or less.

Stan Smith / November 28,2019

Kentucky receives $75,000 grant to loan smart-home technology to individuals with disabilities


The Kentucky Assistive Technology Services (KATS) Network, within the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, will now loan smart-home technology to help individuals with paralysis become more independent.

Kentucky receives $75,000 grant to loan smart-home technology to individuals with disabilities

Funded through the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Kentucky received $75,000 from the High Impact Innovative Assistive Technology (HIIAT) grant for the My New Kentucky Smart Home program to provide smart-home technology kits to Kentuckians with disabilities.

The My New Kentucky Smart Home program will loan smart-home technology starter kits for three months to Kentuckians with paralysis to allow them to begin automating various functions within the home. 

The KATS Network will provide assistance to help borrowers locate funding s to purchase their own equipment at the conclusion of the loan.

“This smart home technology will increase and enhance an individual’s ability to live independently and reduce their reliance on caregivers and family members to meet their needs,” said Cora McNabb, executive director of the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Smart-home technology starter kits, valued from $1,000 – $1,500 each, include Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices, smart lights and outlets, motion sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. The kits will be loaned to Kentucky residents at no cost for up to 90 days.

Stan Smith / November 28,2019

Beginners’ Guide To Intermittent Fasting & Why It Helps You Burn Fat

Beginners’ Guide To Intermittent Fasting & Why It Helps You Burn Fat

Was losing weight part of your 2019 New Year’s Resolution?

2019 is almost over, as there’s only a little over a month left.

Have you achieved your goal?

Beginners’ Guide To Intermittent Fasting & Why It Helps You Burn FatImage: Tumblr

If yes, congratulations. You did what many people would fail to do by January.

If not, it’s not too late to start now. You don’t have to limit yourself to arbitrary dates to start.

80/20 Rule: Diet > Exercise

If you’ve done any research on weight loss, you might have come across the 80/20 rule.

While some people may resort to doing exercise because they refuse to go on a diet, they will often realise that they’re not getting any results.

That’s because losing weight is 80% due to diet and 20% due to exercise – which means exercising every day is useless if you’re still binging on fried food.

To put it into perspective, jogging for an hour burns around 400 calories. Simply eating a pack of fries from McDonald’s earns you 461calories. Calorie In vs Calorie Out.

Beginners’ Guide To Intermittent Fasting & Why It Helps You Burn FatImage: Giphy

You may be thinking, “Huh… but how to diet? I don’t want eat salad every day leh…”

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Best Refinance Loans


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Home Mortgage Rates Fort Worth

Home Mortgage Rates Fort Worth

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Home Mortgage Rates Fort WorthTexas’s best Home Equity Lenders. Use our comparison tools and find the best Fort Worth Home Equity mortgage companies, Tarrant county conforming loan limits 1 unit (Single Family) $453,100, 2 unit (Duplex) $580,150, 3 unit (Tri-Plex) $701,250, 4 Unit $871,450, Tarrant County High balance conforming limits 1 unit (Single Family) $484,350, 2 unit (Duplex) $620,200, 3 Unit (Tri-Plex) $749,650, 4.

Builder confidence in the market for newly-built single-family homes remains strong thanks to low mortgage rates and positive.

What’S The Hottest Time Of Day? Fort Worth Home Loan Library | City of Fort Worth, Texas – Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge. We’re joining forces with read fort worth and other community partners to explore a universe of stories and out-of-this-world experiences in the Fort Worth Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge.In reality, this is the best time of day to tan and it gives you great results with minimal risks. Sure, it does take a little bit longer, but it’s better to have patience with the process than to end up burned to a crisp. Or, even worse, with a life-threatening condition.