How to Improve the Safety of Employees in the Workplace?

No matter what line of business you’re in,
the safety of employees in the workplace should always be the primary concern. Statistics
show that 147
people were killed at work in Great Britain in 2018/19, while the Labour
Force Survey estimates that, in 2017/18, there were 555,000 injuries that were
suffered at work.

Thankfully, these numbers are showing a decline
over recent years as businesses and employees alike take a more careful and regulated
approach to safety, but how can we ensure this downward trend continues?

A New Study Suggests Tainted Talcum Powder Can Cause a Rare Cancer. Here’s How That Could Play Out in the Courtroom

A new 33-patient case study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine provides some of the strongest proof yet that exposure to asbestos-tainted talcum powder may cause malignant mesothelioma, a rare and deadly cancer that affects tissues lining internal organs.

This isn’t only an important scientific discovery—it could also give new ammunition to plaintiffs in the thousands of cases brought against brands selling talcum-powder-based products alleged to cause cancer, like Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder.

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  • ‘The West Wing’ Will Be Streaming on HBO Max Next Year

    HBO Max, the new streaming service from Warner Bros., is slowly building up its content. While many new streaming services are heavily focused on creating new original programming, HBO Max is happy to add pre-existing titles. They already have Friends and The Big Bang Theory locked down, and now they’re adding another popular show: The West Wing. Aaron Sorkin‘s political drama, which seems more and more like fantasy these days, is currently available to stream on Netflix. But come next year, you’ll find The West Wing streaming on HBO Max.

    Friends of White Whale Society Presents Earl in the landscaping by the National Gallery of Art.

    Thanks to Nancy for sending our latest sighting of Earl on the Mall.

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  • (WAVY) – If you’ve got an old tablet or smartphone just laying around. The Zoo says one of those rare metals is tantalum,

    Here’s What Each 2020 Candidate Said About Impeaching President Trump in the October Debate

    The October Democratic presidential primary debate kicked off Tuesday with the question that has taken over Washington D.C. in recent weeks: Should President Trump be impeached?

    All of the candidates in the Democratic race support an impeachment inquiry into Trump, which began after a whistleblower filed a complaint alleging that Trump had pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. The moment marked a significant difference from past debates, which have typically begun on the topic of healthcare.

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  • If you are living in social housing then you will likely be affected by the Local Housing Allowance Rate Cap which is being introduced by the government – watch this video for more information.

    All subsidized and assisted low-income housing programs (like public. The administering agency at the local level is generally the Housing.

    How Tech Can Engage Students, Simplify the School Day and Save Time for Teachers

    <p>Spending on education technology in the US now exceeds $13B. <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Studies</a> show that information and computer-assisted learning boosts academic achievement, improves learner engagement and reduces teacher burden by shaving time off the day.</p><blockquote class="pullquote">But not all edtech is equally effective.<br>

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