Kamala Harris and Tom Steyer try to stand out on impeachment in crowded Democratic debate

Questions about impeachment gave Kamala Harris and Tom Steyer the chance to stand out on the most crowded presidential debate stage in history Tuesday night, with the two Californians making impassioned arguments for yanking President Trump from office.

Tennessee Titans will start Ryan Tannehill at QB vs. Los Angeles Chargers, per report

NASHVILLE — The are rolling with Ryan Tannehill.

Tennessee is set to start Tannehill at quarterback over incumbent starter Marcus Mariota when it faces the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, .

The decision comes a couple of days after , their longtime starting QB, in favor of Tannehill in the second half of . Mariota completed 7 of 18 passes for 63 yards with two interceptions, the second of which represented the final straw for Vrabel.

Everything Riot announced for League of Legends’ 10th anniversary

Riot Games announced multiple projects as part of League of Legends' 10th anniversary. Do you want League on mobile? How about a tactical shooter?Read More]]>

Israel boycott newest scandal for NBA?

A National Basketball Association team has ended its contract with a company that also worked with the Israel Defense Forces in what could be the next big scandal for the league.

The move comes amid the fallout of the NBA's apology to China for a tweet of support by the Houston Rockets general manager for the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.

Breaking News Israel reports the Portland Trail Blazers have joined the left-wing campaign urging companies, governments and others to boycott boycott, divest, and sanction Israel.

How To Blow Up the Middle East In One Week

Is it possible to overstate how insane the Syria situation is? On Sunday President Trump talks to the Turkish president and tells him to go ahead and invade northern Syria. He is then informed that our allies the Kurds occupy this territory and will be in big trouble if the Turks roll across the border. Trump doesn’t care. He follows up this warning with a tweetstorm that basically boils down to, who cares about the Kurds anyway? Then he withdraws all US troops.

Why did Banerjee, Duflo, and Kremer win the Nobel prize this year?

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2019 (commonly known as the Nobel prize for economics) has been awarded to Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer “for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty.”

Through the award, the Nobel committee recognised both the significance of development economics in the world today and the innovative approaches developed by these three economists.

Copart Proves Salvaging Vehicles Is Big Business

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey dumped as much as 60 inches of rain in Southeast Texas, flooding homes, schools, businesses, and autos. The Insurance Council of Texas estimated at least $4.75 billion was paid out to insured owners who collectively lost more than 250,000 private passenger and commercial vehicles in the flooding. And this is just one event. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina and two other storms damaged some 571,000 vehicles along the Gulf Coast and in Florida.

The People’s Republic Of China: Visualizing 70 Years Of Economic History

The People’s Republic Of China: Visualizing 70 Years Of Economic History

From agrarian economy to global superpower in half a century – China’s transformation has been an economic success story unlike any other.

Today, China is the world’s second largest economy, making up 16% of $86 trillion global GDP in nominal terms. Furthermore, as Visual Capitalist’s Imam Ghosh points out, if you adjust numbers for purchasing power parity (PPP), the Chinese economy has already been the world’s largest since 2014.

Top UI/UX Design Works for Inspiration — #74

Every day most digital designers look for inspiration on s like Dribbble. In a large stream of the works, it is very easy to miss some quality shots with small number of likes and comments.

We decided to change that and every week showcase some of the recent cool shots of young designers who didn’t get much attention of the community. Here they are:

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Faraday Future founder files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Jia Yueting, the founder and ex-CEO of Faraday Future has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and restructuring in Delaware court this Monday. The EV big shot still owes almost $3.6 billion to over 100 creditors as debt in China. The Bankrupcy filing has added yet another smudge to Jia’s plummeting reputation, after the events of 2017, when China named him a national debtor, initiating his exodus to USA.


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