马特・塞林格(Matt Salinger)谈到他父亲 J・D・塞林格时这样说道。
据 《纽约时报》报道,马特塞林格在本周二将把 J・D・塞林格所有作品都以数字形式发行。包括《麦田守望者》《弗兰尼和祖伊》《九个故事》《屋顶梁,木匠和西摩》等。

自 J・D・塞林格在 1965 年出版最后一篇短篇小说《Hapworth 16,1924》,直到他 10 年前去世,也再没出版过一个作品。
在这期间,电子书和数字音频已经遍布市场,20 世纪几乎所有主流作家都转向了电子书,但 J・D・塞林格始终保持着自己作品的纸质形式,马特・塞林格表示,他的父亲厌恶互联网。

▲ 图片来自:圣地亚哥历史学会

Nearly 100 protesters arrested after part of New York freeway shut down in anti-ICE demonstration

Nearly 100 protestors in New York City were arrested Saturday during a demonstration outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office where they shut down part of a major highway.

Protestors sat down and linked arms in the middle of the West Side Highway near 26th Street, bringing traffic in both directions to a halt, as Fox 5 reported. Some were seen holding signs that read  “Abolish ICE” and “Close the camps.”

Green MP Caroline Lucas calls for all-female emergency cabinet

Caroline Lucas has asked 10 female politicians from all parties to join her in forming an “emergency cabinet” in a bid to stop a no-deal Brexit.
Writing in the Guardian, the Green Party MP said the all-women cabinet could “bring a different perspective”.
Ms Lucas, whose party wants another Brexit referendum, said the aim would be to force a no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
She would then hope to form a “national unity government”.

Psychology : Psychology : Psychology : Psychology : Psychology : Trust Me: 55 Ways to Build Trust and Cred…

Business infographic & data visualisation

5 Skills You Need to Be a Leader at Work



5 skills every workplace leader needs #leadership #management #infographic

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Staff Guarding Jeffrey Epstein Were Working Extreme Overtime the Morning of His Death

(NEW YORK) — Guards on Jeffrey Epstein’s unit were working extreme overtime shifts to make up for staffing shortages the morning of his apparent suicide, a person familiar with the jail’s operations told The Associated Press.
The person said that the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s Special Housing Unit was staffed with one guard working a fifth straight day of overtime and another who was working mandatory overtime. The person wasn’t authorized to discuss jail operations publicly and spoke Sunday on the condition of anonymity.

Why HR Matters More Than Ever In The Digital World Of Ecommerce

By | Rodney Laws Editor at Ecommerce Platforms
What do you picture when you think of a human res department in action? Possibly a bureaucrat making their way around a conventional open-plan office, confirming that workers in formal attire know what constitutes appropriate workplace behavior. The point is that HR gets a bad rap, especially considering how important it truly is.

Could Dorothy Kilgallen mystery be solved through DNA evidence? Worth a try, author says

An author who has investigated the mysterious death of newspaper columnist and TV star Dorothy Kilgallen has asked a judge to let him exhume her body for DNA evidence.
Mark Shaw, who wrote “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much” and “Denial of Justice,” filed a petition in Westchester Supreme Court last week to disinter Kilgallen’s body from the Gates of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne.
Shaw also wants the court to order a DNA sample from retired journalist Ron Pataky, now 84, to “establish his probable complicity in her death.”

Kripto Para Piyasasında Profesyonelliğin Yeni Adresi: Cryptosa

Dünyanın en büyük kripto para borsalarından Binance bugün ABD’ye özel platformunda mevcut olan kripto para birimlerinin sayısını arttırmayı planladığını duyurdu.

Here is a peek into some of the exciting developments coming soon for #Binance US. –– by @cryptocoley

Up to $300 off Select Surface Book 2 (ends 9/2)

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Man arrested in sexual assault at Planned Parenthood, police say

REDWOOD CITY — A 38-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of sexual battery and indecent exposure inside the lobby of a Planned Parenthood on Saturday morning, police said.
Marcelo Arancibia, of Redwood City, was arrested at around 8 a.m. Saturday, after he allegedly entered a Planned Parenthood on El Camino Real. He allegedly grabbed a woman by the buttocks inside the library, then exposed his penis and began masturbating.


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