Women Of The Senate Urge Biden To Hold Taliban Accountable On Women’s Rights

Politicians of different political parties rarely come together on anything, but the women of the Senate have found the one thing that they are in complete agreement on.

All 24 female senators recently came together to urge President Joe Biden and his administration to form a plan to ensure the human rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.

As the disastrous withdrawal of American troops took place in Afghanistan, the crackdown on the rights of women and girls was already beginning.

"Some 79 female judges, journalists and human rights activists have been evacuated from Afghanistan to Greece after fearing for their lives while stranded in the Taliban-seized country."#AfghanWomenhttps://t.co/ngKkYbK9ce

— Women's Voices (@WomenReadWomen) November 3, 2021

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Help save a piece of Knoxville history

Are you kin to someone named Kidd, Gallaher, Griffin, Broome or Cavett? How about Lonas (spelled Lones, back in the day), Roberts, Parham, Keith, Vanosdale, Wittenbarger, Covington or Walker? And even if you’re not, if you’re interested in our history, you need to know about the work that has commenced to preserve the Mars Hill Cemetery.

There are only about 50 old headstones in the cemetery off Broome Road in West Knoxville, but ground-penetrating radar has identified around 500 graves. Archeologists call them “anomalies,” but to many, they are the remains of their ancestors.

Biden-Harris management agenda includes focus on design of digital services

Improving the design of digital services and the customer experience management of high-impact government service providers are among the top priorities in the Biden-Harris administration’s president’s management agenda published Thursday.

The administration in its statement of priorities said service delivery from federal service providers has “not kept pace with the needs and expectations of those it serves” and that it will work to address such shortcomings head-on.

“This includes building on progress among Federal High Impact Service Providers—those services that serve the largest percentage of people, conduct the greatest volume of transactions annually, and have an outsized impact on the lives of the individuals they serve,” the document said. “Focusing on these high-impact services will yield capabilities, tools, and practices that will cascade to other Federal programs and services as well, improving our delivery Government-wide.”

God Is Rich In Mercy and Love

What forms of loan am I able to get with bad credit?

Pay Day Loans

Synonymous with ‘bad credit', a cash advance is a short-term cash loan that ought to simply be considered in an urgent situation. Considered formally as high-cost term that is short, a quick payday loan ought to be a final resort and it is paid back in complete in your next payday aided by the interest due. You’ll find out more info on payday advances by taking a look at our article that is in-depth right right here.

Short Term Installment Loans

The cash advance evolved, the short-term loan is made available from the exact same organizations that provide payday advances and also have all but replaced the cash advance now. More of a conventional loan this will be paid back in regular month-to-month instalments, frequently up to one year. If you want to understand more about short term installment loans, you will want to always check away our guide right here.

10 Important Things to Buy for Medical School – Med School Supplies

10 Important Things to Buy for Medical School – Med School Supplies

Did you just get into a medical school but are clueless about things to buy for medical school beforehand? Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, do not worry, we got you covered. This post talks about some of the most important Medical School Supplies that you need to get before starting school. Keep reading!

Top 10 Must-Have Medical School Supplies 1. Laptop

How to Make a Facebook Cover Video in 5 Easy Steps

Facebook cover video is a short type of video that you can add to your Facebook account’s top cover photo section. Getting attention on the internet is becoming challenging; a cover video can be the option to stand out from the rest.

Videos speak better and are considered a versatile option if you have to grab the customers’ attention better for your product or services. The video cover is the option where you can express a little about the brand and use it effectively for marketing purposes. 

Let us discuss the tips to follow to create a Facebook cover video from scratch.

1. Set a Format of “Facebook Cover”

It is important to choose the right format and ratio of the Facebook cover. When choosing the format, start with pre-designed templates to set for the Facebook cover video. Make sure to choose the right format that suits the correct purpose of the video.

Reasons for Becoming a Businesswoman


A CNBC report shows that women-owned businesses rose to 12.3 million compared to 402,000 in 1972. There has never been a better time for women to start businesses.

Even in financial difficulties, there are plenty of small business loans for women that can get your startup off the ground. This guide highlights all the reasons a woman could need to start a business.

Why being a businesswoman at this time makes sense

Firstly, it gives you the chance to be your own boss. You can create a career while striking the perfect work-life balance while increasing your revenue stream and earning potential.

Secondly, starting a business bridges the gap between male and female owned organizations. Although these women are popping up all over the place, a Forbes report observed they only form 42% of all businesses. Starting a business will help even the score.

Quick Tips to Host Virtual Programs with Ease

Quick Tips to Host Virtual Programs with Ease

People have moved past using the internet just to keep up with current events or stay in touch with family and friends abroad. In present times, the online world has expanded to involve a variety of video conferencing where businesses hold meetings, ordinary folks communicate with loved ones, and official authorities make critical announcements.

And the most incredible part is that there are endless ideas for virtual events that make hosting them easy. You can host movie time, online games, fitness classes, and many exciting things.

Those who haven’t yet hosted such an online event might find it a bit challenging to plan one. The following are key tips that will come in handy during this process.

Top 5 Factors To Consider When Picking Construction Contractors

Did you know that there are around 7.5 million construction workers in America?

If you’re thinking about starting a new project soon, then you might be wondering what you can do to find your ideal team. Since there are so many options for contractors out there, it’s understandable why you might feel overwhelmed.

Do you want to learn the best tricks for picking construction contractors? Keep reading to learn 5 steps that will help you get the job done well.

1. Check Out Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is one of the most reliable ways to form a solid impression of any company regardless of its services or products. This is why you should take some time to sift through reviews of various construction contractors so you can learn what other people’s experiences were like.

Reading lots of glowing reviews can give you the boost of confidence you need to move forward with booking, while red flags can save you from a big mistake.