The Average THC Potency in Marijuana Changed Over Years

Cannabis has evolved in the past few decades as seen on its potency level that is higher than ever. Researchers have found the same pattern of the steepness rise of THC. How it affects the consumers is an ongoing debate since there are a lot of contradicting advantages and disadvantages about the increase of THC over the period of time. If you would smoke with someone who used to smoke cannabis way back 1960’s they would probably tell you that smoking cannabis today provides different experience compared to smoking weed in the past.
Has Cannabis become Stronger?
There are different claims about how much the level of THC increased since the 1970s but one thing is for sure, cannabis today is stronger than it used to be. Another reason why cannabis seems to be stronger today is that in the past, users would usually smoke with the use of the leaves or stems wherein the concentration of THC is at the lowest. Nowadays, consumers only use the buds or the flowering tops of the cannabis plant where most THC is concentrated.
The potency level of cannabis has sharply increased because of the emerging adaptation of traditional agriculture with the advancement of plant sciences. Some of the major drivers of the increased potency are due to cross-breeding, strain-crossing and tissue culturing wherein a low potency strain can be influenced by a highly potent strain.
Why a Potent Strain Is Better
A contemporary market where the voice of most cannabis consumers have heard demands that higher THC level is better. That is why cannabis growers and cultivators are attracted to do some techniques such as cross-breeding, strain-crossing and tissue culturing to have a strain that has an enhanced potency. Most consumers would equate a higher THC level is necessary to have a better high but that is not always the case. You can even get a high even by using a low THC content depending on the way of usage. 
Another reason why cultivators are still finding new ways on how to better enhance the THC level is that a more potent strain my equate to higher price value. Cultivators try out new breeding practices to try out experimenting with a different strain. types with different qualities to create a newer set of strains that is potentially more potent
What is the Average THC Today?
Research shows that the potency of cannabis increased by 10-38% today making it stronger than compared to the strains way back 1960s where the average THC level back then is only at 3-7%. Today, there are low, medium and high categorization based on the strains THC content. The strain is considered at the low level if it has a 0.001-10% THC content, it has a medium THC content if it has 11-20% concentration and it has a high THC content if it has 21% and above THC content.
Factors Why THC Level Increased
There are different factors that contributed to the potency of the strains today. These are the production of sensimilla, the use of different growing techniques, and the choose of strain type.
In the past, most strains are only pure Indica and pure Sativa but because of some breeding practices, there are a lot of hybrids today which is a combination of Indica and Sativa that has an incredible THC level. 
Downsides of Having The Increased Potency Level
The cannabinoid, THC is known for its psychoactive effects that may give a relatively extreme side effect especially if taken in large dosage. There are strains today that lets you experience its high even for a few hits that is why consumers have a higher chance of overdosage or worst drug dependent. There is also research that increased intake of THC on a daily basis may lead to psychosis in the long run. Aside from its impact on the body, the strains today that are potent are more expensive when compared to a strain that is not so potent.
As the THC level continues to rise as time goes by, the CBD level continues to drop down. This would mean negatively for those who are consuming cannabis for its medicinal attributes because the capability to deliver therapeutic effects will be lessened. In taking for a potent strain, you need to ensure that the cannabis product that you will be using has been tested for you to know how you properly dose.
Final Thoughts
An increase in THC level also connotes in increased psychoactive effects, this might mean negatively for those who not really into the THC’s mind-altering effects but this might be beneficial for those who are suffering from severe health illnesses. Experts would always say to be extra cautious in using high THC strain, make sure that you are familiarized with its side effects first before deciding to increase your dosage to maximize the use of it.