Bronson Norish’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa Romito to star on Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight has officially begun filming for season seven and WHO can exclusively reveal that Bronson Norrish’s ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Romito, is set to star in the controversial series! 
Dressed in a v-neck wedding gown, Vanessa— aspiring YouTuber— was recently spotted walking down the aisle at Sydney’s Vaucluse House to meet the unidentified groom who she’ll spend the next three months dating. 
While little is known about the brunette beauty and her on-screen hubby at this point in time, we can fill you in on a little secret— Vanessa and her MAFS alum ex-boyfriend did not end on good terms…. at all. 
After the male stripper suffered an ill-fated marriage to villain, Ines Basic, Vanessa posted a 45-minute video to YouTube which essentially destroyed his “nice guy” reputation.
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In the now-deleted exposé (which we nabbed quotes from after she published it), Vanessa slammed the reality star— who famously called his on-screen wife a c**t during a heated argument— claiming he had a wandering eye. 
“We go to dinner and we’re at the table and he points to a group of blonde women and says, ‘you see that table over there?’… I’d f*** every single one them,” an angry Vanessa recalled. 
“He went on to speak quite disgustingly about these women, and then he went on to tell me that he was seeing six women while he was getting to know me… he said ‘that’s what I usually do when I’m single – start dating six girls and the last one standing is who I date.'” 

“He said ‘congratulations Ness, you’re the last one standing'”


Aside from her turbulent relationship with Bronson, the future MAFS bride and self-proclaimed relationship expert said in another video that she’s long been unlucky in love. 
“I didn’t have very much romance, in any of my relationships,” she said in another one of her YouTube videos. “I’ve never had anything that made me feel like I was special and they were overly keen on me if that makes sense.”

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