CUT AND RUN: Chuka Umunna Switches Seats

Chuka Umunna, now the Liberal Democrat MP for Stretham has been on quite the political journey. He left Labour and has gone to the Liberal Democrats via the virtually now-defunct Change UK.
Now, it emerges, he has decided to vacate his Stretham seat and challenge the Conservative Mark Field in Cities and Westminster. On the face of it, Chuka is swapping the frying pan for the fire. In both Stretham and Cities and Westminster, the Liberal Democrats are consistently third behind Labour and the Conservatives respectively and have been for some time, Stretham has been Labour since 1992 and Cities and Westminster has been Conservative since its creation as a seat in 1997.
However, thinking about it, Cities and Westminster is a much safer bet. The closer alignment between the Conservatives and Brexit puts Field at obvious risk in a seat that voted by a whopping 71-28% to Remain in the EU. A Lib Dem insurgency could potentially topple him.
Furthermore, Umunna has somewhat spoiled his turf in Stretham by consistently, like all other defectors, refusing to give his constituents a say in his machinations and can barely have done him any favours. So all in all, it looks like we have another political chicken in the making……
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