Dynamic Durga! How this gorgeous goddess is giving women crucial leadership lessons today!

Travelling in India this October and visiting such wonderful temples in Kerela I get taken back to my childhood to one of my favourite deities Durga. Durga is particularly celebrated in the north of India and I like to think of her as our Own Indian version of Wonder Woman! Her special superpower? Kindness! The predominant incarnation of the primary energy named Shakti, Durga is a manifestation of the Supreme Force and has the unique ability to take any form. Her intuition is greatly developed, and she uses it with great skill in all her human relationships. She knows how and when to observe and listen to others; nevertheless, don’t misunderstand her she is formidable.

Also called Divine Mother, she protects humanity from misery and evil by destroying the forces of evil such as prejudice, jealousy, ego, hatred, anger, and selfishness.

When you show courage, that is Maa Durga’s power in action!

I see great learnings from Durga and the rise of feminine power. Indeed we are now in an era of feminine power, a power which is no longer in victim mode. We are aware that the aspects of ourselves which are creating conflict are perhaps also creating the deepest personal growth. For harmony and for balance, the world needs this feminine power and this feminine energy. Moreover, this power we hold is not rigid, it is fluid like a river that flows from the . For many this comes from goddess Durga. She is a manifestation of truth and of love…Her power is not defensive but a relaxed power. She shows us that the beauty of our feminine power is not to overpower others but instead to influence others for a force of good.

  • So I want to ask you what is the of your feminine power?
  • How do you manifest your feminine power?
  • How do you empower yourself and others?

This is your time, take your place, step into your power and shine. Blessings xxx