Global warming: products that may disappear in the coming decades – the opinion of Native Casinos

Scientists warn: climate change can cause the disappearance of the majority of our usual products – from potatoes and bananas to seafood and olive oil.

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So here are some examples of the products that we can lose in the coming decades.

  • Coffee (and tea)
  • Growing coffee requires quite specific conditions: tropical climate, high mountains, stable temperatures and heavy rainfall all year round. And there are only a few places on the planet with these conditions.

    Because of global warming, by 2050, the area suitable for growing coffee will be approximately halved, and by 2080, this plant risks disappearing completely in the world.

    The same situation is with tea. Indian scientists have already discovered that the weather also harms the quality of the drink. Monsoons bring more and more heavy rains, which make the taste and aroma of tea less pronounced, more blurry and watery.

  • Cognac and whiskey
  • A variety of grapes known as uni-blanc or Trebbiano has been grown for 600 years in the south-west of France.

    Global warming can be the cause of the end of this ancient industry. Due to the increase of temperature, the summer season is lengthened, the grapes ripen sweeter and are no longer suitable for the production of brandy. You can read more about cognac production technology here.

    Scottish whiskey producers are in a similar situation. There, global warming has turned into another problem: the lack of fresh water.

    The hot summer of 2018 and the almost complete lack of rainfall led to a catastrophic fall in the level of rivers and the drying up of streams. Scottish whiskey distilleries were forced to interrupt work: most for a few days or a week, some for almost a month.

  • Chocolate
  • For normal ripening of cocoa trees (they grow no further than 20 degrees from the equator) a number of conditions are necessary: constant high temperature, consistently high humidity, heavy rainfall, high illumination all the year, very fertile soil and protection from strong wind. Any violation of these usual conditions leads to a sharp drop in yield.

    Over the past 40 years, the area suitable for growing chocolate trees has already decreased by 40%.

  • Peanuts
  • Global warming does not spare peanuts. Groundnuts need a stable climate and a number of usual weather conditions for ripening, the slightest violation of which has a catastrophic effect on the harvest. This grass requires five months of stable warm weather and 500-1000 mm of precipitation for normal growth.

    If there is too little rain, its seeds will simply not germinate; if too much, they will become covered in mold and fall ill. A hot and sunny summer will easily dry tender shoots – and there will be no harvest at all.