Has Apple altered its tact towards cryptocurrency?

Early last month, Apple’s VP described cryptocurrency as “ fascinating” and stated the business was watching on it However it appears the business may be altering its tact when it pertains to the digital possessions.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated in an interview with French outlet Les Echos: “No. I actually believe that a currency must remain in the hands of nations. I’m not comfy with the concept of a personal group establishing a contending currency.”

” A personal business should not be aiming to acquire power in this manner,” he included.

Last month, VP Jennifer Bailey likewise stated Apple believed cryptocurrency had “fascinating long-lasting capacity.”

Some outlets are reporting that Cook’s outburst suggests Apple will not ever introduce a cryptocurrency, however I do not believe it’s so clear cut yet. The phrasing and semantics are very important here.

Tim Cook is stating that Apple will not introduce a currency or cryptocurrency that takes on standard fiat or government-based currencies. This still leaves chance for tokens or other types of cryptocurrency-based deals. Possibly cryptographically protected commitment tokens.

This is simply speculation, however consider Facebook’s Libra.

Whilst it’s being dragged throughout the regulative coals at the minute, Facebook has stated it does not position a danger to fiat which it’s not going to change existing currencies.

I believe the only thing we can deduce from such musings, is that huge corporates are aware of cryptocurrency. It does not suggest they will make one, it likewise does not suggest they will not.

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Released October 4, 2019– 08: 00 UTC.