This real-life ‘flying saucer’ actually works

Source: Unexplained Mysteries
Take a quick glance at footage of the All-Directional Flying Object (or ADIFO) in action and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is some sort of elaborate fake or a clip from a sci-fi movie.

As it
happens however, this remarkable machine is the real deal – an actual
fully functioning flying saucer that can move in any direction, just
like the objects described by countless UFO witnesses.

This one
though didn’t come from space – it was designed by inventor Razan Sabie
and his partner Iosif Taposu – a former senior scientist at Romania’s
National Institute for Aerospatiale Research.

“The aerodynamics behind this aircraft [are] the result of more than two decades of work,” said Sabie.

a quadcopter, ADIFO uses four ducted fans to handle “take-off, landing,
and slow speed maneuvers” while two jet engines provide it with some
serious horizontal thrust.

A pair of lateral thrust nozzles also enable it to turn quickly and push itself sideways.