Red 1 Realty adds 200 agents to their brokerage in less than a year

Fast-growing brokerage firm, Red 1 Realty, announces the addition of more than 200 agents to their team in the company's record-breaking run in 2019August 7, 2019 — Columbus, OH - August 1, 2019 - Red 1 Realty is one of the fastest-growing brokerage firms in Ohio adding over 200 agents so far this year. According to Columbus Realtors, in just over 6 months, Red 1 Realty has become the fifth-largest real estate office in the Central Ohio market.
Launched in January 2019, this fast-growing brokerage firm looks to provide exceptional value to real estate agents. Their low-cost, high-value approach has many agents switching to Red 1 Realty. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are over 1.3 million Realtors in the U. S. and over 86,000 offices, resulting in an average office size of 15 agents.
Real estate broker/owner, Ken Fairchild, says when you compare the commission plan, free agent tools, training, and broker experience vs other local brokerages, Red 1 Realty's business model is "top to bottom clearly the better value". The brokers at Red 1 Realty have extensive experience in the real estate industry and have brokered over one Billion dollars in real estate in Central Ohio. They pride themselves at being available & on-call for their agents when needed.
One of Central Ohio's Top 1% agents says he joined Red 1 Realty primarily because of the commission plan. Keeping 100% of his commissions minus only $4,200 annually was much more profitable than the competing brokerage firms. Since the brokerage firm was not taking 30% of his income, as well as not charging franchise fees or monthly fees, he was able to reinvest those funds into his marketing to take his business to the next level.
"We are thrilled to help agents survive and thrive in this market by offering a truly agent-centric brokerage with low fees and high value," said Heather Hall. The leadership team at Red 1 Realty realizes it is the agents who pay the brokerage firm. While many agents do not realize it, the broker expense is typically their largest expense. By reducing this huge overhead cost, agents are able to be much more profitable.
By eliminating items that agents no longer need, Red 1 Realty is able to provide more of what agents need in today's environment. For example, the company does not focus on providing office space to work out of every day, nor does it have a secretary fielding phone calls. Instead, the company reinvests that money into lead generation, CSS, Dotloop, a Smart CRM, and agent apps. Broker Mike Hall compares it to Netflix taking over Blockbuster indicating that many companies can perform better without the extensive overhead cost of a large office and then have the option to pass along the savings to their agents.
Red 1 Realty shows no sign of slowing down. The company is now recruiting the average size real estate office (15) agents per month. They plan to expand into other metro areas of Ohio this fall to help agents in other major Ohio cities. For more information regarding the brokerage's business model and agent res, you can visit You can also reach the management team at or 614.585.9020.
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