Wonderful Cruelty: It’s Not Funny Until Someone Gets Hurt

Wonderful Cruelty: It’s Not Funny Until Someone Gets Hurt

Vít Luštinec, CC BY-SA 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

For a long time I was of the opinion that comedy is all about timing. Now I think that timing is a requirement, but it’s cruelty that matters. It’s always been about cruelty.

I should note that that’s wonderful.

Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 22 – Dottanbattan… Kuuki Kaidan!?

Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 22 – Dottanbattan… Kuuki Kaidan!?

Daiji can’t stop worrying about Hiromi. Kagerou pops up to taunt Daiji about being all mopey and suggests they trade places. Daiji tells him to shut up and leaves. But Kagerou reminds him that they are one and the same.

Contents of a First Aid Box – Why You Need to Know What is in it

If you have ever read a first aid book or watched a television show about first aid then you know that there are some things that you should never leave home without. These first aid supplies can save lives and give you peace of mind. First aid kits should contain the following basic first aid box contents. A medical first aid box should contain the following 16 things. In a professional first aid box, you can purchase all items required for a first aid kit from a well-stocked medical supply store.

Top 10 Zombie Movies

Top 10 Zombie Movies

It seems new zombie movies are released every other day. And while many of us have our favorites, there are those of us who wish that the entire genre would disappear. I mean, the first zombie movie you watched was probably novel, fascinating, terrifying, even. But there are only so many ways that a zombie story can be told – dead people coming to life for whatever reason (voodoo, alien spaceships, a curse) and it’s up to those who aren’t the walking dead yet to fight their way to safety until things blow over.

This list of zombie films that have been produced since the beginning of the genre will recommend all the movies you need to watch, the best zombie movies that will satisfy a lot of your curiosity about the horror and conflict that zombies could bring in their wake.

Marvel Studios To Film Its Movies In Australia For The Next Five Years

It looks like Marvel Studios is moving away from the US and heading to Sydney, Australia, for the next five years.

According to s from Metro UK, upcoming movies under Marvel Studios will be filmed and produced in the land down under. Taika Waititi’s Thor Love And Thunder is already filming in the country. However, Jon Watt’s untitled Spider-Man 3 is filming in New York, so it hasn’t been put in concrete terms yet.

Upcoming movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, Doctor Stranger In The Multiverse Of Madness and others are likely to be filmed in Australia.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, the insider said:

‘There is nowhere in the world where films can be shot in the way they can be here in Australia.

Sydney is the perfect place for the Marvel blockbusters because most are essentially shot in front of a green screen.

The whole studio is essentially transporting itself from the US.’

The best PS4 games for kids

The best PS4 games for kids

Now more than ever, it is harder and harder to find people who don’t play some sort of game, whether it be on PC , consoles , or just their phones . Kids in particular have always been one of the major target audiences for games, but now that they’ve been around for so long, there are just as many games aimed at adults that are not well suited for younger players. The PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular systems on the market right now, with hundreds upon hundreds of games to choose from ranging from kid-friendly to ones you might want to avoid.

2 New Tattoo Trends For Girls – Back Tattoos and Kylie Jenson Tattoos

In this article we will talk about the two new tattoo trends that have really taken off. One is back tattoos, and the other one is Kylie jenner tattoos. These are both safe and very popular with girls these days. But here’s the thing: they are not unique. Anybody can get them, and you can get them from a tattoo parlor, a catalog, or an online design gallery. So, what is it about them that make them so popular with girls?


Here’s the meaning behind the back and the front of the lower back. When your then-boyfriend got matching tattoo, this means that he loved you. The back tattoo design represents that he was always there for you and supported you and your decisions. The tattoo on the side symbolizes that he was your lover and your friend when you were dating. He was the then-boyfriend that you saved from being hurt by someone else and the then-girlfriend that you made together.

It’s crazy that this 12mm Full Frame ZERO-D cine lens is under $1,500

[embedded content]

The king of ultra wides just stepped into the ring of cine-line lenses with a very bold claim. The Venus Optics Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D Cine Lens is the newest lens to come out of Laowa. The “Zero-D” supposedly stands for zero-distortion, but at 12mm how is that even possible!? After playing around with the lens for a while, I can officially say, I’m blown away by this lens.

Why Disney’s Tomorrowland Was Such A Huge Box Office Flop

Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland is one of the more ambitious movies Disney’s released in a while, but (for multiple reasons) it bombed at the box office.

Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland is one of the more ambitious movies Disney’s released in a while, but (for multiple reasons) it bombed at the box office. The brainchild of Bird and writers Damon Lindelof and Jeff Jensen, the film isn’t so much an adaptation of the classic Disney theme park land of the same name as an original sci-fi adventure loosely inspired by the land’s optimistic vision of the future. It was also a highly secretive project during its development (even going under the working title 1952 early on), so few knew what to expect before the Tomorrowland marketing kicked off.

Emmys Expand Comedy and Drama Series Categories to 8 Nominees Each – TVLine


The Peak TV era is an embarrassment of riches — and the Emmys are reflecting that.

The Outstanding Drama and Comedy Series categories will now have eight nominees each year, the Television Academy announced on Wednesday. This rule change goes into effect with this year’s 72nd annual Emmys; nominations will be announced on Tuesday, July 28.

Other categories may have up to eight nominees as well, depending on the number of submissions received by the Academy. (If a category receives 240 or more submissions, for example, it will have eight nominees.) But the Comedy and Drama Series categories will always have eight nominees, regardless of the number of submissions. The Academy reports that overall submissions for this year’s Emmys are up 15 percent from the previous year.