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  • Viewers don’t need to read the latest Y&R spoilers to know that Sharon Rosales and Chance Chancellor are taking a new, fresh look at each other these days. And they’re liking what they see. The two understand each other on a very deep level.

    Y&R Spoilers Speculation

    And they find each other attractive on a very surface one. So is there anything stopping Chance (Conner Floyd) and Sharon (Sharon Case) from shooting for a happily ever after? We have some suspicions about that.

    The Usual Y&R Suspects

    Sure, Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) and Adam (Mark Grossman) won’t approve of the match. They’ll pretend it’s because they don’t like the idea of Sharon dating Abby’s (Melissa Ordway) ex. But it’s really because they don’t like the idea of anyone dating their ex — Sharon. Their gripes won’t matter much to Sharon, though.

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    Victor Newman: Big Daddy

    Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will complain for the same reasons as above. Both because he doesn’t like Abby’s ex with Sharon and because Sharon is his ex. But Victor’s biggest issue will be that he’ll think Sharon is the reason Chance and Abby broke up. Nobody told him his daughter was the cheater, so Victor will just assume Chance was. And he’ll go after Chance, the same way he goes after anyone who disrespects his family.

    The Other Y&R Mother

    Abby and Devon (Bryton James) will put up a token protest about what Chance being with Sharon could mean to an already obviously confused Dominic. And it does really muddy up their family tree. But what if the person most furious with the development is Mariah (Camryn Grimes)?

    Mariah agreed to be a surrogate for Abby because she wanted to bring a baby into a happy, stable, loving home – something she never had growing up. The more Abby, Devon, Chance, and now Sharon deviate from that dream, the angrier Mariah has the right to get!

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