The Master Chef Ms. Mai Launches Bo Kho Co Mai As Her Very Own Variant Of Vietnamese Dish

Ms. Mai launches her variant of stewed Vietnamese dishes, Bo Kho Co Mai, along with several talked about dishes from the heirloom recipe.

The Master Chef Ms. Mai Launches Bo Kho Co Mai As Her Very Own Variant Of Vietnamese Dish

Hochiminh, Vietnam – December 1, 2019 / / —

Ms. Mai of Bo Kho Co Mai is a renowned slow cooker of Vietnamese food known for her special beef stew. She is reining the throne of the best stew maker for almost three decades and is known for the magic she bestows in each of her creations. She is known for her unique touch of flavors for braised beef being favored with underground sponsors from each time. Ms. Mai is also known for her consistency with which she has conquered the very prestigious rewards for a bowl of beef stock.

She is also known for her bursting the myths away, such as the very popular one that implies that beef stocks are not the best choices for hot summer days. She has time and again referred to the amazingly traditional beef stock that is prepared in Saigon. The talented chef went by the name of To Thi Mai and is from Saigon land. Her specialty comprises dishes like rice vermicelli, broken rice, and so on. Her association with braised beef is something that is known to the world. This dish dates back to the French Colonial Era and has an heirloom recipe by the Saigon people.

The secret recipe is known to have crossed the generations and come across from the grandmother to the mother and then to her. The highlights of her menu comprise of the delicious dishes such as the Hu Tieu Bo Kho that is a delicious noodle in a tasty broth with added beef cooked boldly to the mouth. Also, it has been bred with a crunchy braised beef stock taste that is wholesome to taste. The site also offers the customers to check for the positive regards that have been left as pieces of testimonials.

The soft noodle with beef is an absolute delight for the consumers that go with nutritious breakfast. It also has a touch of a rich, tender, and a hot bowl of beef noodle soup that is stewed with the very famous heirloom recipe. The side dishes are also worth the appraisal having the likes of extra meat, bread, and noodles as a whole. The tasty handful of recipes and menu are always readily available to be served to the customers with great dedication and passion.

About the company:
Bo Kho Co Mai- The space originates back to the French colonial era has been rendered with typical dishes in Saigon province. The taste of old Saigon food is still afresh in the minds of commuters, and they rightly stay back to grab a taste of the amazing platter with joy. The basic work morale is slipping at times that require the lunch to regain the energy to fight for the job with élan. Space greets all with a taste of excitement and wondering upon rounding up a food trip.


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