Target: Secretary of State of Transport RT Hon Grant Shapps MP

Goal: Stop construction of high-speed railway that threatens the environment.

One hundred and eight ancient woodlands are threatened by plans to develop a second high-speed railway in the UK, known as HS2. The project is being promoted as a greener alternative; however, only 5% of passengers would have otherwise driven or flown. It is predicted that construction of HS2 will likely destroy 693 local wildlife sites and its use is expected to result in the emission of 1.49 million tons of carbon dioxide, meaning we will never be able to achieve carbon neutrality.

HS2 will be extremely costly to the public and has no way of aligning with climate goals set in the Paris Agreement. Environmental activists have gone to great lengths to protest its construction. Sign this petition to demand that plans to develop this railway be terminated in favor of actually meeting climate goals.


Dear Mr Shapps,

While HS2 has been promoted as a greener alternative, the reports made available tell another story. In fact, according to analysis, the high-speed railway would take several steps back in terms of meeting climate goals set in the Paris Agreement-goals you are accountable to. Destroying 693 wildlife sites and 108 ancient woodlands for a project that has no way of reaching carbon neutrality is counterintuitive to say the least.

It is actively working against the goals and priorities set by the people you represent and by the international community. The benefits of HS2 are not enough to validate 1.49 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. I must demand that you terminate plans to develop HS2 and instead focus public res on projects that are in alignment with the terms you are legally bound to comply with. 


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Photo credit: Peter

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