Routing number are unique set of numbers that allow banks and other financial institutions to locate and identify themselves. It’s a 9-digit numbers that sometimes are referred to as ABA routing number, RTNs or routing transit numbers.

Whichever name you choose to call it, it boils down to the 9-digit unique identity that banks and financial institutions use in identifying themselves.

For instance,

  • The Federal Reserve Banks will always require routing number to process a Fedwire funds transfers
  • The ACH network use them in electronic transfers processing, which may involve bill payments and direct deposit.

Bank of America numbers with respective states

State Bank of America routing number
Alabama 051000017
Arkansas 082000073
Connecticut 011900254
Florida 063100277/063000047
Hawaii 051000017
Illinois, North 071000505
Iowa 073000505
Louisiana 051000017
Massachusetts 011000138
Mississippi 051000017
Montana 051000017
Hampshire 011400495
New York 021000322
Ohio 051000017
Pennsylvania 031202084
South Dakota 051000017
Texas 111000025/113000023
Virginia 051000017
Wisconsin 051000017
Alaska 051000018
California 121000358
Delaware 031202084
Florida, West 063100277
Idaho 123103716
Illinois, Chicago Metro 081904808/0071103619
Kansas 101100045
Maine 011200365
Michigan 072000805
Missouri, East 081000032/101000035
Nebraska 051000017
New Jersey 021200339
North Carolina 053000196
Oklahoma 103000017
Rhode Island 011500010
Tennessee 064000020
Utah 051000017
Washington 125000024
Wyoming 051000017
Arizona 122101706
Colorado 123103716
Columbia 054001204
Georgia 061000052
Illinois 081904808
Indiana 071214579
Kentucky 051000017
Maryland 052001633
Minnesota 071214579
Missouri, West 081000033
Nevada 122400724
New Mexico 107000327
North Dakota 051000017
Oregon 323070380
South Carolina 053904483
Texas, North 111000025
Vermont 051000017
West Virginia 051000017

Related terms

What are the essence of routing numbers? There’s apparently no limit to what banks use these numbers for, however, you may need it to set up direct deposit or in a situation where you intend to pay bills directly via your Bank of America  account expressly.   Where payments like salaries and Pensions are to be completed, routing number is required to have such payment deposited into account   You may need a routing number to pay in a check, complete a wire transfer or in event you wish to complete ACH payment particularly to a U.S account number
How can I find Bank of America routing number on my check leaf Having opened your check book, the Bank of America number is located below the check leaf. The first 9-digit number from the left.   Thereafter followed by the account number and cheque number respectively.
How and where to find your Bank of America routing number? Bank of America routing number can be found on the online banking platformIt can be traced to your check or statement of accountIt can be found on the official website of the Federal Reserve.
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