4 Secrets To Getting The Best Beach Pictures

4 Secrets To Getting The Best Beach Pictures

A trip to the beach is never complete without some pictures. No matter how many times you go to the beach, there’s always something new to capture!

With smartphone cameras improving with every new model on the market, you don’t really need fancy and heavy-duty cameras to take amazing shots of the beach. Smartphones, particularly iPhones, are ideal for capturing the true beauty of the beach, the sunset, and the clear water.

Here are some photography secrets to capturing the best pictures at the beach:

Work with color

How many times have you been in awe of the beach before you, but when you go to take a picture of it, it looks unappealing and gray? To enhance the natural colors of the beach, look for colors that can help your image pop. Usually, having green or red elements can stand out against the sand, sea, and sunshine, making the image look more vibrant. You can also edit these images on editing apps to enhance the colors some more.

A foreground adds more interest

A great way to change up your beach photography game is to include objects in the foreground. If the beach you’re at has rocks, grass, a cliff, flowers, etc. Use them as objects in the foreground. The foreground can be captured in a way that it shows up as shadows, too, enhancing the look of the waves behind.

4 Secrets To Getting The Best Beach Pictures

The burst mode is ideal for moving subjects

There are many moving subjects at the beach, the crashing waves, birds, boats, people, etc. The burst mode on your phone is the most useful when you’re at the beach. To activate this mode, just hold down on the shutter button longer, and it will start taking burst mode images. Go through the pictures, and you’re most likely going to have some amazing pictures that showcase the movement without any blurs.

Work with reflections

The beach is one of the few places where you can play around with reflections. The water on the beach provides an amazing reflective surface with a stunning background. When you find a good reflection that you want to capture, explore the options for its composition. A lower angle right near the water might be a good option, or you can employ a high angle that shows your subject well. Think about the background and how much of the sand, water, or sky you want to incorporate too.

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