Brussels urged to factor in tricky Brexit possibility to recovery programs

Brussels urged to factor in tricky Brexit possibility to recovery programs

EU member states which includes Ireland are urging Brussels to get into account the shock of a hard Brexit in addition to the pandemic in its response to the bloc’s gravest postwar financial slump.

Diplomats from Eire and Belgium have said in current discussions addressing the bloc’s spending plan and €750bn recovery fund that they could be doubly strike by the UK’s no-deal departure from the EU and the financial fallout from the pandemic.

Their interventions are complicating currently fraught discussions over the bloc’s co-ordinated response to the devastating influence of limits executed to fight the spread of the sickness. The eurozone is predicted to shrink 8.7 for each cent this yr — a report postwar recession.

Commentary: Making the Anglosphere Great Again

by Conrad Black


The greatest significance in last week’s decisive and seminal British election is the victory it contains for the solidarity of the English-speaking peoples and the strength, coherence, and legitimacy of what Europeans frequently refer to as the Anglo-Saxons.

Of course, broadly, the English-speaking advanced democracies have much in common with Western Europe, and to a slightly reduced degree with Eastern Europe and westernized nations in other regions, most conspicuously Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa, the Emirates, and parts of Latin America.

NATO Readies a 70th Birthday Party, With Low-Key Celebrations

BRUSSELS — For an anniversary bash, the guests are unusually anxious.

The leaders of NATO are traveling to London this week to commemorate the alliance’s 70th birthday — but they will do so at a carefully crafted, foreshortened gathering, not at a full-blown summit meeting.

The low-key celebration seems intended to avoid more awkward comments from President Trump, who nearly blew apart the last summit meeting in Brussels in July 2018, musing about quitting the alliance and walking out in the middle of a statement by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.

Normally, the 70th anniversary, like the 50th, would have been held in Washington, where the alliance’s founding treaty was signed, with three days of pomp, substance and a White House dinner. But given Mr. Trump’s unpredictability and his doubts about the alliance, NATO countries decided to have only a foreign ministers’ meeting in Washington on the actual anniversary, in April.

Thousands Evacuated as Typhoon Kammuri Nears the Philippines

More than 43,000 people have been evacuated and schools in six provinces have suspended classes as the eastern islands of the Philippines braced for Typhoon Kammuri to make landfall late Monday or early Tuesday.

The storm, packing wind gusts as high as 115 miles per hour, was barreling toward the Philippines on Monday with its eye 220 miles east of the city of Virac on the island province of Catanduanes, the national weather agency said.

The typhoon is poised to strike the Philippines just after President Rodrigo Duterte, joined by the politician and boxing star Manny Pacquiao, presided over the opening of the Southeast Asian Games, a biannual sports event that draws top athletes from 11 Southeast Asian nations.