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Looking To Scale Your Ecommerce Business: Here Are 5 Things You Need To Do


Every business wants to grow once it starts. In the beginning, you are not concerned about the growth factor. All you want to do is get the product done, find out the customers, assemble your team and get to work. You do not give a lot of thought to growing or scaling up. You leave that for a later day.

However, there comes a point in every businesses’ history where it has hit a growth wall. There are then just two options before it-

  1. Invest to scale up the operations, workforce, revenues, products, and services
  2. Be comfortable with what you have and see your advantage slowly diminish away

In this article, we speak to experts at Common Thread Collective, a leading firm helping Ecommerce businesses with scalability. We ask them about some steps and strategies to help online store owners with scaling up their enterprises.

List of 5 Things you need to know for Scaling up your Ecommerce Store

1.Scaling up through Awareness Generation and Marketing-

You have probably hit a growth wall because you have reached target audiences within a geographical territory. This means that to scale up, you need to reach out to customers in a new geographical area.

This is very a strategic marketing campaign that can help you grow. All you need to do is generate awareness about your brand, its products, and services. You also need to show how your existing customers are benefitting from your business. Awareness helps in scalability.

2.Using Automation and Freeing up more time for your Team Members-

Stan Smith / February 26,2021

4 Ways to Enhance Content Marketing with Buyer Intent


The world may have closed in 2020, but that wasn’t the case for B2B sales teams. Businesses still had to keep moving, close deals and meet their quotas. In 2021, as organizations get ready to recover from the pandemic, focus on what really matters, and this is where intent data comes into the picture. 

Intent data is the secret weapon marketers were missing, and leveraging it will help them create personalized marketing campaigns. Content marketing with intent data in 2021 willmake a big difference, and this is what we would be talking about in this blog. 

Make Better Content. Get Better Leads.

The focus of B2B organizations should be on creating the most useful content for their customers in their buyer journeys. Content assets should act as the decision support your  prospects crave, which in turn will help them trust you. Building better relationships with your buyers helps you get permission from them to share more with them in the future and to collect data about them that helps you do that. 

Content Marketing Fueled by Intent. Buyers Say Wow!

Intent signals are born from the kind of content that people consume on the internet as per their interests. That’s why creating relevant content assets is important, to leverage the intent of your prospects.

There’s a plethora of content on the internet. With so much clutter, it’s difficult to reach your audience with relevant content. Intent data helps B2B marketers clear this clutter, develop personalized campaigns, and target the right prospects at the right time. 

Stan Smith / February 20,2021

Exactly about Essay on educational anxiety for essays on writing experiences


Exactly about Essay on educational anxiety for essays on writing experiences

Stan Smith / February 11,2021

Skip the Shoulder Posture Brace & Do These Light Dumbbell Exercises Instead


We’ve all seen the ads for those gadgets that help you stay upright as you sit at your desk or commute to work. You can nip your bad shoulder posture right in the bud with these light dumbbell exercises instead!

Poor posture is on the rise – mostly because so many of us work at a desk for long hours at a time. Sitting with your arms hunched over a keyboard quickly leads to chest and shoulder tightness, which can lead to shoulder weakness. If you don’t regularly work to combat the negative effects of your desk job, this muscle tightness can cause serious pain in the shoulders, back, and neck.

The best way to combat poor posture is through strength training and stretching. When it comes to strength training the shoulders, you’ll want to focus on the rotator cuff muscles – the ones that stabilize the shoulder – and the deltoids, which make up the top of the shoulder. Start working these important muscles with high reps of light weights to help you develop shoulder strength and mobility.

Looking for an easy way to get started working out?Grab our FREE Beginners Workout Guide – 3 Weeks To Tighter Abs, Sculpted Arms, And Toned Legs, by clicking here!.postLeadbox{background: #ffffa0; border: 1px solid #e5e597; text-align: center; padding: 5px; clear: both;}

Try this shoulder routine to get started. We’ll use a pair of inexpensive, lightweight dumbbells to bring strength and overall balance back into those tight shoulders. We recommend starting with 3–5 lb dumbbells and practicing these exercises up to 1–2x a week. Once you get stronger, you can increase the weight of the dumbbells or the number of reps.

Alternating Shoulder Press | 10 reps per side


Stan Smith / January 16,2021

Linux Introduces a Suite of Open-Source Best Practices



  • Open best practices modules are designed to suit the requirements of different audiences with an organization.

Training sessions by Linux to master open management

Handling open- projects are not that easy; it’s just that difficult, like developing open- programs. And now what there are training sessions available to help you master it.

The Linux Foundation is a leading nonprofit organization that publicized its new training courses. The program is developed to introduce some of the open- best practices and is named “Open Source Management and amp; Strategy.” The program will play an essential role for businesses to enhance sustainability, diversity, and security in open- technology.

Number of modules covered under training

As per the Foundation’s press release, there are seven modules covered under this course to help engineers, executives, software developers, and managers understand basic concepts for developing efficient open- best practices within their organization.

The course also supports a leadership spectator responsible for setting up effective program management of open in their organization, comprising an explanation for creating an Open Source Program Office (OSPO).

Design of training modules

The course is designed based on earlier training modules on open- best practices, thus incorporating some of the best and unique content and elements. It is easier to understand the crucial working efficiency elements with open in enterprises. The modules are thoughtfully designed and are of high-level, but with enough detail, for practitioners to understand the new open- concept.

Stan Smith / January 14,2021

Step By Step Procedure of How to Start Natural Relief Dispensary


It is 2021, the year where some parts of the world have legalized the sale and use of cannabis. Take Canada; the country passed laws to make medical marijuana legal. In the United States of America, many states are legalizing the sale and consumption of marijuana. Even though the legalization of cannabis has brought out a great of opportunities, the doubting Thomas’ tend to ask Why start a Natural Relief Dispensary?

As forecasted, the cannabis industry is a billion-dollar industry. If you have ever asked yourself, why start a Natural Relief Dispensary? The simple answer is that you can make significant revenue from your Natural relief dispensary with the legalization of weed.  Unless you are Jeff Bezo or Elon Musk, you need that extra income , especially with how bad the economy is right now. In helping you to start a Natural Relief Dispensary? We will take you step by step on how to start a natural relief dispensary. Make sure to take notes as we shall show how easy it can be to start natural relief dispensary.

  • Step 1: Recruit a Great Dispensary Team

There are a large number of Americans who work in retail. There is a ton of interest for incredible retail representatives, so it’s not in every case simple to locate the ideal fit for your Natural Relief Dispensary. All retailers search for persevering, enthusiastic, and relatable individuals to staff their store. This is particularly the situation for dispensaries. Colleagues should have genuine scrupulousness, broad information on every item, adherence to strict guidelines encompassing cannabis, and the capacity to cook every customer’s experience.

Stan Smith / July 30,2020

Nissan: Free Parking At Cool Pavilion For Your Electricity. Mmmkay, Thanks.

Nissan: Free Parking At Cool Pavilion For Your Electricity. Mmmkay, Thanks.


 Free Parking At Cool Pavilion For Your Electricity. Mmmkay, Thanks.

Published on July 31st, 2020 |
by Zachary Shahan

 Free Parking At Cool Pavilion For Your Electricity. Mmmkay, Thanks.

July 31st, 2020 by Zachary Shahan 

 Free Parking At Cool Pavilion For Your Electricity. Mmmkay, Thanks.

Nissan has rolled out a unique opportunity for electric LEAF drivers in Japan. The company has set up an innovation showcase near its headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, and LEAF drivers can park for free — inside the showcase — if they are fine contributing some of their battery’s electricity to help power … the showcase.

Stan Smith / July 01,2020

Domestic Workers, Fragile Victims of the Pandemic in Latin America

Domestic Workers, Fragile Victims of the Pandemic in Latin America

Domestic Workers, Fragile Victims of the Pandemic in Latin America

In the Americas, there are up to 18 million people engaged in domestic work, of which 93% are women, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

With a long history of exclusion and job insecurity, domestic workers in Latin America are suffering fully from the economic effects of the Pandemic, which has left them confined and unemployed.

“They told me to excuse them, but that now I couldn’t work. I am a conscious person, I see what is happening to us, but I hope to be able to return to my work soon,” Mexican Carmen Hernández, 59, a domestic employee for more than 15 years, tells us.

Without income, since most are governed by word contracts, the COVID-19 has shown its vulnerability. Seven out of ten are unemployed or lost work hours due to quarantines, according to ECLAC, which calculates its labor informality at 77%. In Brazil, for example, of the 4.9 million jobs that were lost between February and April, 727,000 were in domestic services.

A critical situation for a sector where wages in themselves do not give enough. In Latin America, they are equal to or less than 50% of what other workers earn on average, despite the efforts of some countries to regularize the activity, according to ECLAC.

Stan Smith / July 01,2020

Ubisoft CEO details plan to address workplace sexual misconduct and toxicity

Ubisoft CEO details plan to address workplace sexual misconduct and toxicity

French online game large Ubisoft detailed as we speak the way it will tackle poisonous habits and sexual misconduct within the office following a number of reviews of incidences on the firm.

In a weblog publish, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot introduced the modifications the corporate’s taking in order that it is going to be higher at discovering and coping with complaints.

The brand new letter reveals sport corporations look like taking critical steps to reply to a wave of sexual harassment complaints that have been made public prior to now week on social media. Whereas greater than 350 complaints have been logged on social media chronicling the incidents of harassment and abuse within the sport trade, Ubisoft stood out amongst large sport corporations when it comes to the quantity of complaints.

Individually, on Thursday, Capcom pulled out of Evo On-line (a combating sport occasion) after match organizer Joey Cuellar was positioned on administrative go away following misconduct allegations.

VB Rework 2020 On-line – July 15-17. Be part of main AI executives: Register for the free livestream.

On June 24 Ashraf Ismail, the inventive director of Murderer’s Creed: Valhalla, stepped down from his position in Ubisoft’s subsequent main sport following allegations. Bloomberg additionally reported that Ubisoft positioned Tommy François and Maxime Béland, two high-ranking sport executives, on administrative go away pending investigations into their habits. Different workers have been named in particular person harassment complaints as properly. Ubisoft declined to touch upon ongoing investigations.

Stan Smith / June 27,2020

4 Digital Marketing Tips From The Experts To Help Your Business Grow

4 Digital Marketing Tips From The Experts To Help Your Business Grow

Because of the current health pandemic crisis forcibly changing how businesses market products and services, digital marketing strategies are sprouting like mushrooms. Digital or online marketing peaks because of community quarantines and lockdowns set in place with great uncertainties as to when businesses can go back to pre-COVID19 condition or whether it’s still possible.


In this post, you’ll learn expert marketing tips to help your business grow.

  1. Tap Social Media Platforms With Greater Focus

Digital marketing always includes social media, even during its primitive stages. Marketers have discovered the power of social media in marketing because of increased customer engagement.

Social media networks make up today’s socializing amidst the isolation brought about by strict community quarantines.

Here’s how social media can help your business grow:


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