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How to Find Clothing Manufacturers for Startups

How to Find Clothing Manufacturers for Startups

How to Find Clothing Manufacturers for Startups

Starting a clothing line is a popular startup idea because of its great branding opportunities and relatively low capital requirements. No wonder why we see a lot of clothing startups come and go in the industry. Some fail to leave a mark and eventually go bankrupt while there are many others that become successful and are thriving up to this day. Much like any other business, there is nothing sure with having a clothing line as a business venture. There will always be tough challenges ahead and it is up to the business owner to overcome these.

Most of the time, the biggest challenge for startup clothing lines is finding a start up clothing manufacturer which works perfectly for them. Someone who is willing to provide maximum services despite of the business owners’ initial minimal orders. Most clothing manufacturers prefer working with established brands and companies because of the financial security they get from them. However, the emergence of small businesses through e-commerce paved the way for manufacturers to consider small up to mid-sized businesses as clients.

In this article, we will teach you how to find clothing manufacturers in a different perspective. We already know we can find them in events such as trade and industry fairs or look them up in supplier directories online, but this time we will provide extensive tips on the other aspects of finding a clothing manufacturer.

Stan Smith / January 03,2020

25 Widgets, Plugins, and Add-Ons to Enhance Your Blog's Performance


It’s hard to get a blog started, and sometimes, even harder to organize all the content you want and need. If you use a blog hosting site like WordPress or a CMS like HubSpot, you’ll likely notice that you have options like plugins and widgets to enhance your blog.

There’s so many different kinds of tools, and they’re all used to make your blog more personalized. Think of widgets as the different spices to add special elements on your webpages. Plugins, on the other hand, are the vessel for which you obtain the widgets.

We’ve compiled a list of widgets and plugins that are essential to make a great blog excellent. They’re essentials that contribute to a good user experience for your readers, bring you new ones, and make your brand more cohesive across all fronts.

Think of these lists as a jumping off point. This is not a list of all of the plugins and widgets available, but they give you an expansive look into how many kinds there are and what they can do for you.

Blogger Widgets

1. Instagram Feed

With an Instagram feed, you can import pictures from your account directly to your blog. We have a plugin suggestion for this to make the process more streamlined.

This is an especially great idea if you want your brand to be synced across all of your webpages and socials. It’s also a good thing to look into if your brand is based on visuals.

2. Email Subscribe Form

Converting casual visitors into email subscribers builds readership and generates a community of content enthusiasts. Additionally, they’ll likely share your content with other people in their networks through email and social media, exposing your blog to brand new audiences.

Stan Smith / December 23,2019

The hedged nature of early retirement extreme


There’s one defining characteristic way about the way I plan: I may not win, but I never lose. (You may have picked up this sentiment from some of my discussions of strategy.) Hence I will focus my efforts disproportionally towards avoiding bad outcomes rather than seeking good outcomes. This leads to a modest but tranquil life; perhaps suitable for a stoic.

It also annoys the optimists.

As you may have noted, I have a background in peak oil. Peak oil is currently at a stage where climate change will be in ten years. Nobody denies it anymore. When I first got interested in it, back in 2001/02, this was far from the case. The USGS and the IEA were very optimistic (they have since brought their predictions in line with more realistic numbers based on reality rather than on predicted economic demand(*) ) and peak oilers were somewhat of a fringe group. Officialdom believed in the magic of technology. It was considered a crazy idea that oil would ever exceed $100. (It later did.) We had very reasonable and rational arguments that it would—and it did. But we were unable to convince anyone else about it. We could only prepare for it on our own.

(*) The theory being that if you and I are in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean and we’re running out of water, then if I write you a big enough check, you will mange to procure/invent a glass of water for me.

What to do? I decided to “leave” the field and stop preaching to the choir—I have learned what I could and taught what I could. (Since then the choir has gotten much much bigger. Back then there were only a small handful of books about peak oil—I’m a coauthor of one of them. Now there are dozens.

Stan Smith / December 16,2019

Fidelity Launching Crypto Services in Europe, Citing ‘Significant Interest’

Fidelity Launching Crypto Services in Europe, Citing ‘Significant Interest’

Fidelity Investments is expanding its crypto services to European clients after seeing increasing potential in this market. The expansion builds upon the company’s U.S. crypto business. “We’ve seen significant interest and engagement by the institutional community, which show no signs of slowing,” the company revealed.

Also read: Regulatory Roundup – Crypto ‘Inevitable’ in India, China Rankings, NY Streamlines Policy

Entering European Crypto Market

Fidelity Investments announced on Tuesday the establishment of its new entity to serve European clients investing in crypto assets. Fidelity Digital Assets Ltd. will offer digital asset custody and trade execution services to investors such as hedge funds, family offices, and market intermediaries. The custody service consists of a cold storage vault and “multi-level physical, operational and cyber controls,” the announcement details, adding that the trade execution service will provide clients access to multiple s of liquidity.

Tom Jessop, head of Corporate Business Development for Fidelity Investments and president of the U.S. digital asset subsidiary, explained that the group is “encouraged by continued corporate and venture investment in market infrastructure companies as well as the entry of traditional exchanges into the digital assets ecosystem,” elaborating:

These and other market indicators, alongside interest expressed from U.K. and European client prospects, indicate a market with increasing potential which gives us the confidence to expand the digital assets business geographically.

Stan Smith / December 14,2019

Ethereum by Numbers, Why ETH Prices Will Rebound in 2020

Ethereum by Numbers, Why ETH Prices Will Rebound in 2020

Ethereum by Numbers, Why ETH Prices Will Rebound in 2020

Fundamentally, Ethereum has had a solid year with growth on many fronts. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for price which has now returned to crypto winter levels. All cryptocurrencies, with the possible exception of one or two, are bearish at the moment but Ethereum is likely to bounce back stronger next year.

Ethereum Fundamentals Still Solid

The Ethereum ecosystem continues to expand and 2019 has been a solid year despite price performance. A recent ConsenSys article has broken down ETH by numbers to reveal some impressive figures for the world’s second largest digital asset.

In terms of network Ethereum has seen over 4 million new active addresses and over 20 million total accounts created this year. There are currently over 8,500 live Ethereum nodes and over 4.7 million ETH has been issued as block rewards.

Over 520 new decentralized applications were created on the network which has over 2,700 in total according to the statistics. Gods Unchained has been one of the most popular dApps on Ethereum, it has created over 6.7 million items.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) continues to grow with over 167,000 .eth names registered. Similar to how a regular domain name works, a .eth name replaces the need to use long convoluted wallet addresses on the network and streamlines the entire process. They can be purchased for as little as $5 though some fetch a lot more.

Stan Smith / December 14,2019

10 Ways to Inspire the Youth to Invest Money in IT Business


The world we live in offers lots of opportunities for young people. Our parents and grandparents could not even imagine that there would be wireless phones, let alone artificial intelligence and virtual assistants. 

It all has been made possible due to the rapid development of IT that is one of the dominant trends for 2020 as well.

Those people who directed their investments in IT a decade ago are millionaires today. Information and communication technologies are used in every industry you can name, staring from Education and ending with Healthcare. Thus, it is critically important to make youth understand that nowadays, IT business is the best to invest.

Let’s discuss ten best ways that can help inspire youth to invest their funds in IT.



IT is not only about high-tech. This sphere encompasses plenty of small and medium businesses, operating in web design, app development, or content writing. For example, the profits of such an academic writing platform as Essaypro are formed not only through service provision but also through the development of software that helps clients and their businesses in many ways.

Quick Returns

Time is always critically important, especially for those who continuously lack it. Thus, students who want to enjoy high and quick ROI can invest in a myriad of small IT companies that make significant profits. They can also risk investing in R&D and enjoy much higher revenues when it pays off.

Financial Education

Today, young people are more financially educated than any other generation before them. 

Stan Smith / December 11,2019

Why The World Needs Garnex

Why The World Needs Garnex

Better money for all

Right now, asset-backed tokens are solving many of the devaluation problems that come from other tokenization methods. This is largely due to the tangible value tied to the token and how that affects volatility and intrinsic value.

Gold is money, and for 5,000 years, it has been used as a medium of exchange. Gold, as an asset class, has one of the richest and longest histories of all the natural assets to have been bestowed with such high value by humankind. So if we can tie the value of gold to a token, you have a unique way to protect against impending doom and enforce stability in the system.

Just as the Internet revolutionized information flow, the blockchain will revolutionize information validation. Mass disintermediation will be the next quantum leap in human productivity. Blockchain is poised to eliminate 99% of the friction involved in transacting in real things, such as gold, silver, and other commodities, displacing all who are currently employed in those frictional processes.

People that are calling cryptocurrency the next money and currency are missing the bigger picture. When you combine gold, which is one of the oldest forms of payment, with a technological and financial advancement like asset-backed tokens, you have the best of both worlds. Transacting on the blockchain will give gold asset-backed crypto-tokens tremendous value, in the same way that the global oil trade in US dollars gave the US dollar its throne seat for over forty years – people are forced to use it. 

How Fiat currencies are Tied to their government’s economic performance

Stan Smith / December 08,2019

Wheel Of Fortune fans lend support to spinning star Vanna White as she steps in for host Pat Sajak

Wheel Of Fortune fans lend support to spinning star Vanna White as she steps in for host Pat Sajak

VANNA White took centre stage on Monday.

The Wheel of Fortune letter-spinner was seen for the first time in 37 years stepping into the host role.


Vanna White was seen hosting Wheel of Fortune on Monday, for the first timeCredit: Wheel Of Fortune

The 62-year-old beauty delighted fans of the show, as she filled the role in place of longtime host Pat Sajak – who had to undergo emergency surgery last month.

Vanna stepped into the breach, after Sajak, 73, went into hospital to correct a blocked intestine.

Filming had stopped for one day but resumed with Vanna in the spotlight.

The star was seen on screen with Minnie Mouse helping out with White’s usual role.

Wheel Of Fortune fans lend support to spinning star Vanna White as she steps in for host Pat Sajak


The 62-year-old beauty delighted fans of the show, as she filled the role in place of longtime host Pat Sajak – who had to undergo emergency surgery last monthCredit: Getty

Stan Smith / December 05,2019

AP: US firms keep hiring, easing worries of weakening economy



WASHINGTON (AP) — American businesses have complained for years that they can’t find the workers they need to fill available jobs. November’s robust hiring gain suggests that at least some have found a way to do so.

With the unemployment rate now at a half-century low of 3.5%, many economists have also warned that hiring would soon slow simply because there are fewer unemployed workers available.

That day may still come, but it didn’t in November. Employers added 266,000 jobs last month, the most since January. Monthly hiring has, in fact, picked up since earlier this year: It averaged 205,000 for the past three months, up from a recent low of 135,000 in July.

Friday’s jobs report largely squelched fears of a recession that had taken hold in the summer. Steady job growth has helped reassure consumers that the economy is expanding and that their jobs and incomes remain secure. That should boost spending and growth in the months ahead.

President Donald Trump seized on the strong jobs report as he tries to focus voters’ attention on the state of the economy rather than the impeachment inquiry being led by House Democrats. The latest numbers also come as Trump’s trade war with China had prompted companies to cut back on their investments in plants and industrial equipment, slowing growth.

“Without the horror show that is the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, the Stock Markets and Economy would be even better, if that is possible, and the Border would be closed to the evil of Drugs, Gangs and all other problems! #2020,” the president tweeted.

He returned to the report later Friday, tweeting: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!”

Stan Smith / December 05,2019

A Package Loan Includes


  1. Home calculator takes
  2. Analysis
  3. Include closing costs
  4. Trillion yen ($230 billion)
  5. National bank offers short-term

House Building Calculators We have developed our dream home calculator to compute the cost to build a custom home for you!. The Dream home calculator takes about 10 minutes to complete.; The cost to build your dream home is determined by your preferences and custom design. Your responses are submitted for analysis and then, after comparing your tastes to our vast database of home costs, a report is prepared and e-mailed.One Time Two Time South Africa could be split into two time zones in the future to alleviate the country’s energy crisis, according to one of the government’s leading. One times two times three times lyrics Songs with one times two times three times lyrics all the songs about one times two times three times .

The costs of selling your home and purchasing a new home are commonly included in relocation packages. This would include closing costs, real estate commissions, and other expenses normally incurred when buying or selling a house. Job Search Help.

Loans that combine construction and permanent financing into a single. The loan amount of a manufactured home can include all allowable costs as listed in.. include the applicable conversion document in its loan submission package.

Construction Work Needed Update 3/15/16: After a year, we’ve updated this post with the latest construction management certifications and best career advice for those interested in becoming a construction management professional. Technically, you don’t need any certifications. But, it’s still a good idea to have an.


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