A woman went to TikTok to blast Hulu for not addressing an employee who reportedly stole her personal information and stalked her after their customer service chat.

Aryan Strauss terminated her Hulu account at the beginning of November, but she did so after the cancellation deadline had passed. She called the streaming platform’s customer care after discovering that she had been charged for this month’s subscription and used the chat option to speak with a representative to request a refund because she was a single mother who had been out of work for about a month. In the video, she outlined why she was unable to pay for the membership at the time.

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John, the employee, explained to Strauss that he was a single father and felt sympathy for her predicament. She thanked him for his patience and promised to renew her plan as soon as she could once more afford it. The Daily Dot stated that Strauss assumed the conversation was over until she found an email from John.

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Strauss further explained in the video that John emailed her from his email and realized he had used her personal information from her customer profile. She emphasized that Hulu also has her billing address which gives him access to her home, and personal phone number.

“So my thinking is, how many other women has he done this to, and how else is he using my information?”

She’s attempted to contact a supervisor about John’s behavior but each time, her line gets disconnected. Strauss said she spoke with two female supervisors who understood the seriousness of the situation but a male supervisor didn’t full comprehend what was happening. He reportedly stated that Hulu will plan to “coach” John about the incident and give him feedback but Strauss said it makes things more dangerous for her because he’ll know that she reported him.

Hulu has yet to reach out to Strauss about the incident and she wants answers for the breach of privacy.

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