Dubai’s first cat cafe, Ailuromania, hopes rescues will find purr-fect new homes – news 07 trends

A haven for folks craving furry feline firm, a cat cafe in Dubai moreover doubles as an adoption centre for among the many United Arab Emirates’ many strays.

The Ailuromania Cat Cafe, which was the Center East’s first cat cafe when it opened in 2015, hopes the pleasing properties of its 25 rescue and shelter cats will help discover them their ceaselessly houses.

“Anybody who’s burdened simply has to discover a cat. All of your stress will go away,” said Omnia Fareed, whose two cat-loving sisters Allaa and Iman started the cafe after school, taking inspiration from comparable establishments in Korea and London.

The cafe’s genuine residents had been strays taken in by the family over time. Now Ailuromania hosts cats from a government-run animal shelter throughout the neighbouring emirate of Ras al Khaimah, hoping to increase adoptions.

The cafe’s title Ailuromania is a play on the Greek-derived English phrase for a lover of cats: ailurophile.

Stop High Speed Railway From Destroying Ancient Woodlands

Target: Secretary of State of Transport RT Hon Grant Shapps MP

Goal: Stop construction of high-speed railway that threatens the environment.

One hundred and eight ancient woodlands are threatened by plans to develop a second high-speed railway in the UK, known as HS2. The project is being promoted as a greener alternative; however, only 5% of passengers would have otherwise driven or flown. It is predicted that construction of HS2 will likely destroy 693 local wildlife sites and its use is expected to result in the emission of 1.49 million tons of carbon dioxide, meaning we will never be able to achieve carbon neutrality.

On World Oceans Day 2020, Learn Some Interesting Facts About The Largest Water Bodies on Earth

World Ocean’s Day celebrated worldwide on the 8th of June is an important occasion for the human population to recognise the important role oceans play in our existence. The United Nations officially accepted a proposal of a concept floated by Canada’s International Centre of Ocean Development (ICOD) and Ocean Institute of Canada(OIC) back in 1992 demanding a dedicated day for international discussion on the management of oceans. Several events are conducted all around the world particularly on beaches and in aquariums and zoos highlighting the significance of the role of oceans. The participation of the youth is considered of paramount importance in the Ocean’s Day celebrations and a host of art contests and film festivals are held to get them on board. World Oceans Day 2020: From Avoiding Plastic to Joining a Beach Cleanup; 7 Things You Can Do to be a Contributor in Saving Our Oceans.