Stan Smith / June 12,2020

In vehicles, thousands demand president’s resignation in 10 Mexican states


Guadalajara, Mexico, Jun 13 (efe-epa).- Amid the spike in infections due to the COVID-19 health emergency in Mexico, thousands of people demonstrated Saturday in at least a dozen states in the country, to demand the resignation of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

In the second mobilization of 2020 planned for Saturday and Sunday, the protesters arrived in vehicles or motorcycles and carried banners with the messages “Get out López!,” “#AMLOveteYA”, “Fuchi! Guácala! Get out! AMLO!” and “I don’t know you, but we need each other to change Mexico,” as they honked their horns.

In the state of Jalisco, in the west of the country, ruled by the activist of the Movimiento Ciudadano Enrique Alfaro party, one of the main opponents of the president, the caravan traveled several kilometers from the main avenues of the city, where some 2,000 cars were observed.

The mobilization was called by the National AntiAMLO Front (FRENAAA), with the intention of demanding the departure of the Mexican president, who responds to “foreign interests,” they said.

According to the organization, in addition to Jalisco, the mobilizations will take place in more than 120 cities, mainly in the states of Puebla, Morelos, Querétaro, Mexico State, Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Guanajuato, Veracruz and Sonora.

“We are organizing on this citizen front to ask for the resignation of the president because in one year and eight months the government has not worked a single day for Mexicans and has only attended to an agenda of ‘Bolivarian foreign countries,'” Iván told Efe. Mendoza, one of the protesters.

He noted that the intention of the Mexican president seeks to bring an agenda of “communism to Mexico” and “return of a dictator.”

Stan Smith / June 08,2020

Police Chief: Some current Boulder department policies ‘fall short’ as officials press for, promise reform


A caravan of motorists Tuesday evening cruised throughout Boulder, including just outside City Councilwoman Rachel Friend’s house, spooking her dog during a virtual meeting of elected officials and municipal staffers that was dominated by discussion of proposed local police reform.

The drivers, Friend said, made a bunch of noise and displayed a sign while driving down her street demanding the city overhaul its police department, and the councilwoman made a plea over the meeting’s broadcast for the activists to stop in part for the sake of her dog, saying she heard them and promised to oversee local law enforcement change.

Riley Mancuso said participants in the moving car rally were out “to show our support for de-funding, disarming and taking steps to disband the Boulder Police Department, immediately, in 2020, without waiting for the next budget.” They made their way down the streets of all the Council members, as well as City Attorney Tom Carr’s and City Manager Jane Brautigam’s.

The demonstration was the latest locally and just one of hundreds, perhaps thousands, that have occurred in the name of police reform and racial justice across the country in the days since a white Minnesota policeman, now facing a criminal murder allegation, was seen in widely circulated video kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, a black man who died during the arrest on May 25. The drivers acted following Monday comments from Boulder City Manager Jane Brautigam that this year, amid a pandemic resulting in economic damage that left the municipal budget in tatters, is not a good time to make changes to currently allocated police department funding, and such conversations should be started during the 2021 budget cycle.

Stan Smith / June 05,2020

Crooked Manhattan DA Cy Vance Refuses to Prosecute Protest-Related Arrests “In the Interest of Justice”


Crooked Manhattan DA Cy Vance Refuses to Prosecute Protest-Related Arrests “In the Interest of Justice”

Crooked Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. on Friday announced the DA’s office will not prosecute protest-related arrests “in the interest of justice.”

Cy Vance has been working around the clock to get his hands on President Trump’s tax records, but he will not prosecute violent rioters in his city.

New Yorkers against the lockdown were not extended the same break from the DA’s office.

This is pure Marxism.

TRENDING: Texas Man Threatens Far Left Protesters with Chainsaw – Anti-Police Protesters Call the Cops and Have Him Arrested –VIDEO

Via Manhattan DA’s office press release:

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. today announced the D.A.’s Office’s policy regarding arrests on charges of Unlawful Assembly and Disorderly Conduct during ongoing demonstrations against the use of excessive force and killing of George Floyd. Previously, the D.A.’s Office’s policy was to offer individuals charged with these low-level offenses an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal, meaning their cases would be dismissed within six months. Under the new policy, the D.A.’s Office declines to prosecute these arrests in the interest of justice. The Office will also continue to evaluate and decline to prosecute other protest-related charges where appropriate.

Stan Smith / June 05,2020

Obituary: Patricia Wojcik Moomey | The Daily Courier


Pat was lifted up into the arms of Jesus on Sunday, Might 31st, 2020, after a full and rewarding life. She was born in Syracuse, New York on December 12, 1942, to Stanley Wojcik and Margaret Jackson Wojcik. She lived within the Syracuse space till 1964 after which moved to California. In 1967, her solely youngster, Douglas, was born. Pat met Keith Moomey in 1975 and so they married in April 1977.

Stan Smith / June 01,2020

Donald Trump Is Trying to Start a Race War

Donald Trump Is Trying to Start a Race War

Donald Trump Is Trying to Start a Race War

President Trump has not hidden who he is. He started his presidential campaign, after slowly descending his gilded escalator, with a no-holds barred racist attack on Mexicans. Then, he began his time as president by banning Muslims from entering the country. Later that summer, he called white supremacists who terrorized blacks and Jews in Charlottesville, Virginia, “very fine people.” And now, his seemingly only policy solution to coronavirus has been to label it the “Chinese virus” and hope the racism would scare it away.

Racism courses through Donald Trump’s blood and is one of the foundational principles of his presidency. Which is why, when faced with one of the greatest uprisings against police brutality this nation has seen, a movement led by black people around the country and joined by all other people of color and white people as well, his only policy solution is to start a race war. And unfortunately, American law gives him the authority to do so.

Stan Smith / May 21,2020

How Democrats Stole Three Years of Our Lives


It has taken Congressional Democrats’ quixotic attempt to remove President Trump three years to “prove” what millions of Americans already knew.

There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. 

Hillary Clinton’s defeat falls on her shortcomings as a candidate as well as the president’s insatiable appetite for campaigning.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Democrats from chasing windmills. Last week, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) regurgitated #resistance talking points before claiming that he possesses evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

However, recently declassified Justice Department documents undermine Schiff’s purported claim — as do these quotes by Deep State exculpatory witnesses. (Newsmax)

1. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper: “I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting/conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election.”

2. On collusion, former FBI chief James Comey said that in May of 2017, “when I was fired as director, I still didn’t know whether there was anything to it.”

3. Obama Pentagon official Evelyn Farkas addressed “what we knew about the Trump staff’s dealing with Russians.” She confessed: “I didn’t know anything.”

4. Crowdstrike CEO Shawn Henry discussed Russia’s alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computers. “As it relates to the DNC, we have indicators that data was [sic] exfiltrated. We did not have concrete evidence.”

The list goes on and on. And yet Democrats would love to waste another three years of our lives.

HELP Expose the TRUTH About Creepy Joe Biden

Stan Smith / May 16,2020

10 Important however little Things To Monitor In Fortnite Free V Bucks Electrical Generator


Considering that it free v bucks no verification is actually still in onset, Fortnite still needs to add additional of its own essential updates and also web content. Just as long as it remains to be a favorite, it is going to undoubtedly attract additional gamers. Because Fortnite provides a ton of choices, it may be pointed out that there is actually a higher possibility that gamers will have the capacity to discover a play style that they can not stay without.

Fortnite is fortnite account generator free no servey definitely unlike some other activity. There are a ton of various traits that enthusiasts have the capacity to experience. From the ground level, players may take pleasure in hunting down pets and also earning money as well as use it to acquire items and devices that they can easily utilize in battle.

At the much higher degrees, gamers can easily get into the Fortnite Ultimate Monster Video game and also go scalp to head with monsters. But considering that there are a lot of conveniences to this, players need to attempt their ideal to make it through in the extreme atmosphere as well as raise their capabilities and also stats.

Apart from the usual updates and also add-ons that happen every handful of months, it is necessary to focus on the update routine since this game possesses a terrific capacity. Its own ability is among the main reason whies it is gaining a great deal appeal.

There are thus lots of benefits to playing Fortnite, it is still certainly not an activity that you need to certainly not attempt. It is actually a strongly stimulating video game that may definitely whip up the emotional states as well as motivate gamers to work doggedly as well as locate brand new techniques.

Stan Smith / May 09,2020

Happy Mother’s Day – No hugging allowed


Happy Mother’s Day – No hugging allowed

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms today. It’s the best job on earth. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s celebrations are different than those of previous years.

Communities across America are offering guidance to families, given social distancing restrictions in place. As Mother’s Day approached, city officials In Pasadena, California released a news release that addressed a cluster of coronavirus cases that has been traced to a family birthday party. One party-goer was coughing and not wearing a face mask. Other party guests were not wearing face masks or practicing social distancing. So, COVID-19 spread among some of the guests, and contact tracing shows that there were five confirmed coronavirus cases and many other guests who became ill from the party. The party happened after the city issued a stay-at-home order in March.

“This is an example of how good contact tracing can identify disease clusters and tell us more about the spread of disease in our community,” said Dr. Matthew Feaster, PPHD epidemiologist. “We’re grateful to our large team of public health nurses, case investigators, and contact tracers who help track the virus and prevent the disease from spreading to other members of our community.”

Stan Smith / May 07,2020

15 Features of House cleaner You Have To Adventure It Yourself


You will definitely locate the needs are not that considerably various coming from what you would discover in a frequent job if you are actually on the search for a suited house cleaner. Therefore, instead of being hesitant to make an appointment to comply with a would-be one, there are plenty of advantages to working with an expert one. Besides the truth that you will definitely acquire an additional palm to aid you out, you may additionally expect to become properly dealt with.

House cleaners щракнете тук тук сега possess all the needs for added assistance that they require, just like normal workers. They need to have a really good memory, ample communication skills, and a little know-how of computers.

Locating the correct maid is incredibly easy. Merely be sure that you pick an individual with the ideal credentials, considering that housework is an area that requires a ton of devotion and focus.

You can work with a freelance house cleaner via various online web sites that provide services for housekeeping services. These business give a large range of housekeeping services to any type of home that requires it. You can easily additionally seek suggestions from close friends, associates, or people who have actually worked with a qualified previously.

A nearby вижте уебсайта housekeeper may cost a whole lot lower than the rates demanded through a company. You will certainly manage to tap the services of someone who will definitely relate to your house or organisation, and also will certainly lessen the volume of work that you must carry out.

Stan Smith / April 16,2020

DMV reopening nine offices for commercial drivers by appointment


The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles early next month will reopen nine driver’s license offices to commercial drivers on an appointment-only basis.

The DMV worked with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Colorado Department of Transportation and others to develop the limited openings, part of a measured effort to keep Colorado’s economy rolling, according to a Friday news release.

The offices, scheduled to reopen May 4, have been disinfected and cleaned. Glass barriers were installed at work stations to help minimize COVID-19 transmission risks, the release said.

“We have taken the necessary actions to resume CDL services in these nine offices in a manner that will protect the health and wellness of customers and employees while meeting the needs of the commercial motor vehicle industry.” said Mike Dixon, DMV senior director, in the release. “We remain dedicated to the people of Colorado and providing these essential DMV services in this challenging new environment.”

For Coloradans who are not commercial drivers, the DMV is making several changes to fight the spread of coronavirus including:


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