Is Walrein Good in Pokemon GO & What’s Its Best Moveset?

The January 2022 Pokemon GO Community Day is here and stepping into the spotlight is none other than Spheal. As always though, this leaves players with the question of whether its final evolution, Walrein, has a better moveset and if it is any good.

While every Community Day Pokemon gets its own special move, they often fail to improve the Pokemon with the most recent example being a handful of the Eevee evolutions back in August.

However, while some may not be great, others are very good – Let’s check which of those two categories Walrein falls into.

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Pokémon Unite | Trevenant Character Trailer

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Is Walrein Good in Pokemon GO?

With its new Community Day moves, it’s safe to say that Walrein is more than good as the Ice Break Pokemon becomes an instant threat in Pokemon GO’s PVP mode.

According to PVPoke, it is instantly propelled to becoming the 5th best Pokemon in the whole of the Great League, or 4th if it’s an unpurified Shadow Pokemon. It beats almost all of the League’s best Pokemon including Altaria, Skarmory, Nidoqueen, Stunfisk and Azumarill.

It’s equally as threatening in the Ultra League, taking up the 4th and 5th spots depending on whether it’s a Shadow Pokemon or not. This time out, it beats the likes of Empoleon, Giratina, Stunfisk, Umbreon and Swampert.

It’s one of the rare Pokemon that is relevant in all three of the PVP metas, ranking 15th (non-shadow) in the Ultra League, provided it’s powered up with XL Candies. This is largely due to the abundance of Dragon-type Pokemon in the league, with key wins coming against Dragonite, Yveltal, Togekiss, Giratina, Gyarados and many, many more.

If you’re looking to build a solid team, you definitely can’t go wrong with a Walrein. Be sure to catch plenty of Spheal in order to get those candies.

Is Walrein Good in Pokemon GO & What’s Its Best Moveset?

Whats The Best Walrein Moveset in Pokemon GO?

Following January 2022’s Community Day, this is the best moveset for Walrein in Pokemon GO in all three leagues:

  • Fast Move – Powder Snow
  • Charged Move – Icicle Spear
  • Charged Move – Earthquake